( The reason I make this blog, is to get some more motivation to follow BRM and play more serious :s_love: )

Let's start with my name... Vegard( :s_cool: )! I'm a norwegian student at the age of 18. However I know the game very good. Been playing home games for years and the same comes for onlinepoker.
Started with freerolls obv and won a dollar here and there. After a year with freerolls I finally made a pretty nice BR of about 200 bucks. I had a really bad day and went down to 50 buxxxxx.. I then deceided to play a 20r tourney and well... I won it(3,1k)

Now as I've turned eIght33n i'll try to take my game to a higher level as I can play legit! I read and watch anything pokerrelated I find and I'll do whatever it takes(ALMOST) to become a highvolume winning playuuuuur!

I'll start playing with my FTP roll today and grind mah way up with those SnG's! GIEF ZUM LUCK.

Soooo, here's the games I've played until now! Swingy like a Norwegian mountain with valleys of unhappiness and peaks that give you a beatiful view of the fjord of money!

Any advices for goals and stuff to improve my motivation? GOGO
AND NO! I havn't used 100% proper brm here, but I'll start with a 100BI rule todayyyyy