How to delete an old account?

    • RoyalBlack
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      I have a question - have made new account at Full-Tilt poker, but can't change players ID here because of old account. Is it possible somehow to change it? And if is - how to do it? Cos' haven't taken also those star 50$ and would like to try a game with real money.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi RoyalBlack,

      If I read you correctly you are saying that you now have 2xFull Tilt accounts?

      This is against Full Tilt's terms & conditions and so I would strongly recommend that you contact Full Tilt's own customer support team before they notice and close eveything, restrict your future access and possibly even withhold funds.

      After contacting the support, they will close one account (usually the newer one) and ask that you continue with only 1x account in future.

      I'm afraid it isn't possible to retrack any existing accounts and obviously duplicate accounts isn't allowed.
      If you are looking for a tracked PokerStrategy account you would need to set up a new account (ensuring you use the PokerStrategy download link and marketing code) on a totally new platform where you haven't played before.

      Alternatively if you are saying that you are just having problems with inputing your Full Tilt player name on your profile settings page, then our own customer support team will happily correct your details for you:

      Sorry if I misread your post. If I've got the wrong end of the stick, feel free to post again in a little more detail and we'll see if we can help you. :)

      Best regards,