Feedbackthread NL SSS Beginner by Berliner1982

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      the coaching is great, both entertaining and informative. i have trouble keeping up with the table changes when you have to move a lot, also was a bit confused by the limit. i thought it was $50.00 and not $0.50. i'll know in future but for first timers it's a little confusing.
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      Believe me when I have to change the tables I´m getting confused as well. ;)
      And for the Limits. In different to FL, in NL the $ amount means the maximum Amount you can buy-in and not the Blinds. So NL $100 means that you can Buy-In with $100 and not that the Blinds are SB = $50 and BB = $100. ;)

      And thanks for the feedback. :) I try to make the coaching a infotainment. A mixture between information (for learning) and entertainment (for having fun), since that helps you to improve your skills.

      If you like to help me, lets have small talk during the times where I do not have any hands to play and no questions to answer. ;)