When I got $50 free for Everest, I took that as a cue to start playing poker after a half year away. Short-stacking it as I had before on partypoker, my new bankroll slowly shrunk in half. I decided to do a minimum deposit so I could get the bonus, and with the bonus money, I managed to keep afloat, but only barely.

When I had a total of $50 again, with more than half of my $100 bonus redeemed, I decided to change course. Gold status here gave me a lot to read, and with the lan hub repeatedly dying, I had internet for a few minutes before it turned off. (They finally figured out it was a bad heatsink fan, no permanent damage.)

So I loaded up every article on BSS available and got reading. Much more complex than SSS. It felt overwhelming. Oh I finally earned a license for Elephant? Cool, I'll try that out, it didn't work on my Vista box, but that was because it can't bother to install itself as requiring admin rights, that's why no HUD for me. loaded it up, joined NL2 tables, and applied what I had learned.

A single session convinced me. I went up five buyins in two hours, in a wonderful lucky upswing. I've had downswings too, but I've always pulled myself back up by studying the equity and how most of the time, I would have won. Four weeks of regular NL2, and I'm up quite a bit. According to HEM, my NL10 SSS record is -$230, EV adjusted, -$80. Good grief. My NL2 BSS record is +$60, just a little below EV.

With the bonus, I only needed to get a hundred out of my piggy bank to make the $300 deposit for maximum bonus for Titan. I'm all cashed out of Everest, just waiting for the new month to start, and start BSS at NL10.

I know I'm still a beginner, I've made plenty of mistakes, mainly involving being too passive on the river (free showdowns for drawchasers, and they win with a weak pair after contibet-check-check), but I'm a fish with sharp teeth, and I've learned to get out of the shark tanks, and stick with aquariums.

In my week-long hiatus from the tables, I don't want to put my brain in the closet. I plan to go through all the gold articles again before I lose the rank (NL2 may be profitable, but gives you nearly nothing in the SP department.)

What else would you recommend for an intermediate player to read or learn about?