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Aggression Backfired

    • Manjushri
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 6
      Hi Poker Pros....

      I did this play on Pokerstars...kindly critique and advice so I may improve.
      I kind of think it is almost inevitably going to be an all-in either ways, but let me know how I could have played it BETTER. Thank you.
      Here it is:

      PokerStars Game #41629605296: Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD) - 2010/03/24 7:03:30 ET
      Table 'Tyumenia' 9-max Seat #1 is the button
      Seat 1: AutumnYeh ($26.35 in chips)
      Seat 2: balce ($25.35 in chips)
      Seat 3: Jimmy Button ($47.15 in chips)
      Seat 4: om tat sat ($13.15 in chips)
      Seat 5: BIRUTINI ($51.15 in chips)
      Seat 7: kchucky ($29.70 in chips)
      Seat 9: T0NT0-CRO ($25.20 in chips)
      balce: posts small blind $0.10
      Jimmy Button: posts big blind $0.25
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to om tat sat [Qd Qh]
      om tat sat: raises $0.50 to $0.75
      BIRUTINI: folds
      kchucky: folds
      T0NT0-CRO: raises $2.50 to $3.25
      AutumnYeh: folds
      balce: folds
      Jimmy Button: folds
      om tat sat: calls $2.50
      *** FLOP *** [Td 2c 3h]
      om tat sat: bets $9.90 and is all-in
      T0NT0-CRO: calls $9.90
      *** TURN *** [Td 2c 3h] [8d]
      *** RIVER *** [Td 2c 3h 8d] [8h]
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      om tat sat: shows [Qd Qh] (two pair, Queens and Eights)
      T0NT0-CRO: shows [Th Tc] (a full house, Tens full of Eights)
      T0NT0-CRO collected $25.35 from pot
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    • harleytopper
      Joined: 28.09.2007 Posts: 680
      First of all better use some kind of converter...

      $0.10/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
      7 Players

      Hero (UTG) ($13.15)
      UTG+1 ($51.15)
      MP ($29.70)
      CO ($25.20)
      BTN ($26.35)
      SB ($25.35)
      BB ($47.15)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 7 players) Hero is UTG Q:diamond: Q:heart:
      Hero raises to $0.75, 2 folds, CO raises to $3.25, 3 folds, Hero calls $2.50

      Flop: 10:diamond: 2:club: 3:heart: ($6.85, 2 players)
      Hero goes all-in $9.90, CO calls $9.90

      Turn: 8:diamond: ($26.65, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: 8:heart: ($26.65, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: $26.65
      Hero shows two pair, Queens and Eights
      Q:diamond: Q:heart:
      CO shows a full house, Tens full of Eights
      10:heart: 10:club:

      CO wins $25.35 (net +$12.20)

      Hero lost $13.15

      Situation depends on CO 3-bet range and players abillity to see your hand strengh (UTG raise) If he is agressive I would shove PF.
    • Manjushri
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 6
      Thank you...
      yeah...I'll know to use converter next time....
    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      You are playing midstacked so you dfid not loose much by going all in with an over pair however an over pair is not a great hand and you want to play it slowly post flop especially if yuo were full stacked.
    • Manjushri
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 6
      I see....good point...thank you :)
    • dicekeyrollz
      Joined: 01.03.2010 Posts: 74
      Def agree with Harley, coulda just pushed all in when you were ahead. The thing is, when you push on a flop like that, there are few hands which you can beat that would call (JJ, maybe 99 or a fish with AK). If he had KK or AA you'd have been just giving your money away.