Need Help with Rush

    • Joronamo
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      Hey guys,

      Im currently clearing the fast $400 bonus on FTP. I am playing Rush NL25 6max 4 tabling and I have 30 days to clear the bonus. I am currently half way through this venture and it is all falling to shits for me. I knew it was going to be swingy and I actually handled it pretty well for the first week but week 2 has been disastrous. I have blown all my efforts of the past 6 months in ring games in a space of 3 days because of rush.

      Sets over sets, bad boards for my monster pairs you name it. I deposited 1k of my own money and I currently stand at $800 with $60 rakeback tomorrow night. I need help and advice quick!

      What do I do? Should I walk away from the bonus? I dont really want to because I want my money back at the very least and think its a wasted bonus to walk away from. I am too concerned with money I know but what can i do?

      Most of the swing is honestly from variance, I havent really tilted too much away and it has been 90% coolers and 10% poor play IMO. Good new is I had a session this afternoon and won $100. Graph below:

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    • drawback
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      try 1 table on Nl50 or the NL25.
      I used to play 4 tables too and i was loosing at the end then. I tried 1 table. It really works great. Ull be profitable in that way im sure. I recently played NL25 SH. got it to 175$ on on etable in about 3 hours. ofcourse that was a heater but it was + 7 BIs and it wouldnt have happened if i played 4 tables.
      Its very easy to adjust to players. + there arent too many of them on SH NL25-Nl50 tables. Write down notes.
      + dunno how u play but i was smallballing. Very easy. U dont get in all ur stack. U get a small amout of bbs almost every hand. Try to avoid allins.
      Dunno if this helps, but well, i tried :D
      gl ;)
    • mishkagg
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      Try 2 tables Rush for a week and then add a third one. Four seems a lot IMO.

    • Joronamo
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      Remeber I only have 30 days to clear the bonus.
    • ZhiCheng
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      Rush is huge swingament..
      Anything can happen over short sample of hands

      If you can feel your edge and u r sure that your swing is really variance's fault, then chin up and fight that bitch.. She ll release ya if you pwn her with volume

      On the other hand If you dont feel confident about it, fuck the bonus.
      Play games and volume that makes you happy and makes u feel like u r enjoying every hand.

      I was chasing bonus on November/December last year and I went almost bustoo..

      once again - everything can happen in poker ;)

    • Joronamo
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      Thanks man. I am sure it was variance 90%. Mind you I definatly have some leaks to plug. Im gonna keep going at it. If worse comes to worse I finish the bonus down in money and I can always win it back later on.