Moving Up?

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      Good day all,

      I have been coasting on Party lately just feeling my way through the software... checking things out playing freerolls etc.... i have learned the ropes so to speak.

      Now please correct me if i am wrong.... I am playing 02/04 cent NL right now.. and i got my 50 bucks...

      So what i do is buy in for 2 bucks... which i believe is sort stack. Mind you 20 BB is 80 cents... so am i doing something wrong here?

      Anyway i am up and down.... 55/43/54/52...etc....

      Currently i am at 55 bucks or more not oveer 60 yet.... as playing this short tends to get alot of calllers when you raise or go all in... and even if you have best you have a high percetage of getting beat.

      Anywayi wont worry about 2 bucks here and there... but frankly its boring.

      I am a tight player and i generlly only play good hands.... i used to play 1 2 on pokerroom and made alot of money but lost itbecuse no Bankroll managemet skills..

      So i am starting from scratch....

      WHat i am trying to do is use your approach... as well as Chris fergusons
      bankroll fundamentals.... no buy in of more than 5 percent of Bankroll..
      so 50 bucks is 2.50 but i do 2 so no biggie.... you are suppose to leave when your money at table is more than 10 percent of your total bankroll
      and i generlly do this, but sometimes i dont... when im winning its hard to leave.... but tem sometimes take a turn for the worse....
      So i need to improve that area...

      Would anyone suggest moving up now to 05/10 cent games... with a buy of 10 bucks.. essentially 10 percent of stack..
      Or continue this bordem at 2 4 cent 2 dollar buy in and leave when i double up??
      when should i move up at what money count..
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