No starting capital 10 days later

    • JulieGurnell
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      I passed the quiz and 10 days later I still do not have the $50 starting capital in my poker account.

      YES, I have checked my email including the spam mailbox, and NO I have not received any email from pokerstrategy. The last email I received was just after I passed the quiz.

      No ID requests, no follow up and NO MONEY :(
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey JulieGurnell,

      Welcome to and the Community.

      Sorry for the delay, I will forward this on.
      In the mean time, please be patient as we have many of applicants to sort through and feel free to browse the site and study the articles and videos so you are ready to take on the fish of the online poker world.


    • Hadi
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      Hey there,

      you need to pass an ID check in order to receive the starting capital. You should have received an email from our security team several days ago, explaining the next steps.

      This email was sent by - please check your Spam or Junk folders, as it sometimes ends up in there.

    • JulieGurnell
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      I never received the email, and yes I have been checking my spam folders every day as well.

      I have now forwarded a copy of my passport to

      Please credit my starting capital asap.

    • sugarcos
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      day after day, i am starting to believe that your offer and this site is a bad joke.
      now you asking me to send a picture of me holding the ID???? WTF????
      You think that i am faking my ID and driving license for 50 bucks??

      Let me say this: in your rules does not say anything about sending to you a picture of me. I have send the color copy of my ID's and driver license, you have my phone to contact me, but NO, you want a picture of me.

      Please let me see the part in the terms&conditions, in that is specified that you could ask for a real life picture of me and i will send it.

      Until then, i will report this site to the, and also i will report you for misleading advertising.

      On all the poker forums that i know, i will not recommend this site.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi sugarcos,

      I have already responded under your own thread you set up.

      Please be aware however that the Terms & Conditions you agree to when signing up do state the following.

      2. Use of the services
      2.1 To register on the Platform, the User has to be at least 18 years old or such other higher minimum legal age in the jurisdiction of the User. reserves the right to request proper and satisfactory documents to verify the age and/or identity of the User. has the right to block the account of the User until the User has provided satisfactory proof of age.
      and also

      I would also stress that the security measures are in place as much for your own protection as they are for PokerStrategy.

      If you prefer not to provide suitable documentation, then you will not be entitled to the free $50 starting capital, but you can of course deposit your own funds and continue to benefit from the vast strategy material, free live coaching, wealth of experienced members/coaches etc here.

      I trust you will appreciate why such security measures are required and stop spamming inaccurate comments about the forum without prior thought.

      Many thanks and good luck with your poker.

      Best regards,

    • mineriva
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      how did you come to here of PS?