Playing against "Multi-tablers"

    • bthink
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      Good day,

      Only recently have I started to play online poker and while I believe I have a good game, an important factor I take into consideration is at how many tables my opponents are playing.

      I never play more than 4 tables as I found my game starts to be bad when I play too many tables.

      What do you guys think about playing multi-tables?

      I prefer knowing my opponents more and play fewer tables but then again I do not have a large amount of hand history in which case I could rely more on the stats of my opponents.

      Is there any HUD that can display the amount of tables a player is sitting at?

      Right now I'm doing this manually with pokertableratings' buddy list.


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    • harleytopper
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      When you open more tables your bb/100h will drop, but bb/h will raise, you need to find your best hourly rate. Of course there are other factors like comfort, monitor size etc. But I think poker is all about money and you need to play in game where you can win biggest amount of money.

      HEM tablescanner offers this stat, you can check how many tables are open for player.
    • Fagin
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      I recently started to be much more selective about what tables I play. Previously I would be playing 6-8 tables for 4 hours or more each evening, now I regularly have only 4-5 tables open and take more frequent breaks of 20+ mins.

      This has resulted in my playing up to 800 hands less per day, earning fewer fpps and Strategy points of course, but it has increased my profits by 60% (ish) so far - waiting until the end of this month to compare fully with last month.

      I also find that I can be playing on tables of 3+ different limits at a time due to there being only 1 suitable table at my chosen limit (currently NL50). I often have 1xNL50, 1-2xNL30 and 2-3xNL20 open at a time.

      The mixture of limits has of course led to a few minor errors - I raised a bet last night with a draw as it seemed to be quite a small bet only to realise after villan folded that I had misread the table and was on a NL20 table not NL50 as I thught - he had actually bet nearly pot lol.