no what??

    • Pedrotiago
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      no what??

      ur kindin??

      show me pleaze those rules ?

      And tell me ur doing this because im talking about an non partner poker room!!

      [Edited by TheBu11d0g] - Breach of Forum Rules

      Please refrain from posting offers of private money transfers please.

      Rule No. 3: • No requests or offers for private money transfers

      after all its not an offer, im asking for help...
      Cause i cant cashout since i dint make an first deposit, and i want some money at my FT account to release that fuckin crazy bonus!!

      And everybody do this, or its only an english comunity rule??

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Pedro,

      You can find the list of forum rules here and we would ask that you read them when you have a spare moment.

      To protect all members (including yourself) from financial and/or personal data loss, requesting or discussion of private money transfers is not allowed in the forums.
      PokerStrategy is a responsible company and treats the protection of it's members from potential loss/fraud very seriously.

      We strongly recommend that you use trusted 3rd party accounts such as moneybookers, neteller etc. These provide secure transfers for a small fee.

      We trust you will understand the reasoning behind the forum rules and help us by staying within them.

      Best regards,


      Rule 3: No advertising

      • No requests or offers for private money transfers
      • No advertising of affiliate offers/poker sites, who finance themselves through affiliate marketing
      • No soliciting from poker rooms that we do not collaborate with
      • Only our coaches and video producers are permitted to offer private coaching (private poker lessons)