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      Hi there. My name is Krists, and im from Latvia. Im playing poker regulary a year, but i do know poker for about four years. Im now 21. My poker story started with playmoney tables at one popular pokersite. I played there about a year, grinding freerolls. Won a couple of buck's but lost them @ cash tables. Some time ago i started to play more seriously. I play SNG and some times MTT. I think i am a one big fish, but with basic knowledge.

      There are many things to improve in my game, like push-fold situations, bubble play and so on.

      I will set some aim's but those will be short time, because we can never know what will happen after a week, or a month.

      :diamond: Improve my game by reading articles and to stare at all video's @PS
      :diamond: Build up my BR and use correct BRM.
      :diamond: Become a :s_biggrin: not :f_eek:
      :diamond: Climb up some limits.
      :diamond: Get gold status @ Pokerstrategy

      I am playing now @ 888 5$ 6-max turbo sng and my BR is 293.30 as i won a tourney not long ago. So when my BR will be 30BI for 11$ sng i will try then aswell.

      So good luck to all of you and may royal flush be with u! :)
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    • KriPaul93
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      Hi there.

      Yesterday after i started my blog, i did play couple of sng's, but with no major success - BE.

      Today i had little session playing on my fathers laptop. Multitabling was not an option, because it sucked a lot. So i played only 8 sng tournaments, 6 of them were 5$ and two were 11$. In 5$ sng there were couple coolers, but i dont have HEM on this laptop, so i cannot post a hand. One of them was, when my KK run into JJ set. Second was TPBK was beat by runner-runner flush.

      So for 5$ sng im -3$ today, but three tournament's were ITM. 6max are top 3 paid.

      I tried 11$ sng. Played just two tables, both cashed, one third place, and won tournament i won.
      From 11$ tournament im +20$.

      BR: 298.80$

      This night i think i will play a lot more, so feedback will be tomorrow.

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      So little update. Yesterday no poker for me, because went to cinema and had wonderful night outside my house. But today had two sessions in 5.5$ sng's (graph below). Didnt play a lot, because im still playing on my fathers laptop, but i installed HEM trial so there will be a graph. There were couple of coolers, but still got lucky thou. One of the coolers.

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by weaktight.com

      UTG raeschli (1,420)
      UTG+1 globares (1,470)
      CO ozcarash (1,400)
      BTN Hero (1,380)
      SB smokybry (1,720)
      BB bndkttl (1,610)

      Blinds: 15/30

      Pre-Flop: (45, 6 players) Hero is BTN 6 6
      raeschli raises to 60, 2 folds, Hero calls 60, smokybry calls 45, 1 fold

      Flop: 8 6 J (210, 3 players)
      smokybry checks, raeschli bets 210, Hero raises to 840, smokybry folds, raeschli goes all-in 1,360, Hero calls 480

      Turn: J (2,890, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: A (2,890, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: 2,890
      Hero shows
      6 6
      raeschli shows
      A J

      raeschli wins 2,890 (net +1,470)

      Hero lost 1,380
      smokybry lost 60

      It was 7th hand of the tournament. Didnt have notes or any stats on him. Just a cooler.

      Today i did earned silver statuss here. Thats nice, more articles to read and more video's to watch!

      BR: 318.30$

      GL all,
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      Hi all. Havent been playing a lot, just cant find any motivation. Still there are some issues in my private life, and i want to deal with them first. So totally i played just around 36 sng. I know thats a small sample, but it's on tiny laptop, so it's fine. Next week wont be playing as well, because i will not have my PC, i will not have connection to internet, just my TV. Ok.

      So about my game. Im sooooo disapointed in it. I play soooo bad. Com'on i just suck. In these 5.5$ limits if i am playing my best game, there are no opp's to me. I played my A game for about 8 tournaments of all 36. I just cannot concentrate. Have to do better.

      Thinking about moving somewere else. But now, i will print out articles, to stundy, and make better my game, while i am not able to play.