Tight games at the micros

    • BusterSLO
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      Just started playing on party and because of the 50$ capital I played 0,02/0,04 NLHE and I must say the games are extremely close the vest compared to NL5 on other sites. Unless you are playing at prime time you often struggle to find a 6max with avg. vp$ip over 30% and there are tones of 22/18 types along with the standard 5/5 nits. Its not that they are not exploitable but building some descent postflop action with them is fucking imposible unless they hold the nuts.

      So unless you just wanna steal the 0,04 blinds all day to grind out a miserable 5bb/100 on the lowest limit I suggest moving somwhere else... (even FTP is better, which is considerd to be the most nit infested)
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