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Oxford / Cambridge

    • samy4ever
      Joined: 02.04.2008 Posts: 18,682
      Hi all!

      I'm not sure wether this is the forum to post this or not... Just move it if necessary.

      I'm probably going to Oxford (or Cambridge) in summer: two weeks, last of July and first of August.

      I'm going there w/ my gf, and we will be attending some English course at the morning about 3h/day or so... Not really want to but thus we don't spend all time sleeping xD Probably a fluency course or a PCE preparation... Or whatever.

      I've asked a few people about it and I've heard all opinions:

      - you will get bored, students are there just along the course, not in summer
      - there's always people, you will have fun there for sure
      - and so on...

      Can anyone tell me if it's a good idea or not? haha I mean, would I be willing to kill myself after 2 weeks there? Or it's a good place to go even in summer?

      I don't know much about England, I've only been twice in London (1 month - 1 week) so I don't really know anything about Oxford...

      Thank you for your opinions :)

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    • wuttehhell
      Joined: 27.03.2010 Posts: 474
      I say go for it!
      In life, you only regret the things you haven't done :P

      I want my 50$ :(
    • MrEnig
      Joined: 28.10.2009 Posts: 73
      I dont know about Oxford, but the International University I studied in at my own country is having those summer camps as well. People have loads of fun there, but it also depends on how the classes are held as well. Here everything they do is pretty casual and it helps a lot to make it interesting. At least interesting enough to not choose "killing everyone around and then yourself" sort of thing.