Hello everyone,

I signed up on pokerstrategy a year orso, dont really know anymore, ago. I have been playing poker ( No limit Holdem ) for3 years now. I started out watching it on tv and I depostid or got some free cash by on Titan poker (prob some free cash) I didnt win there. Than I playing a tournament in a student fraternity. I won the tourney and I was sold. Eventually I quit the fraternity but kept on playing poker. First I played some 10 euro sng's in the local Holland Casino. I won there and build up to close to 100 euro's.

In the meanwhile I deposited 50 dollar on pacific poker and started playing cent tables, alot cause I was a student but didnt went to college. I guess in half a year I made it 1000 dollar with no real poker education and started playing less but managed to keep it round that with bumps up to 1500 dollar. I think i kept it that way for 60 70k hands on 50NL.

In the meanwhile I tried to take a stab at the 2-2 NL cash game in Holland Casino. Went pretty well and won allmost all the time. I lost once and it was because I got it in on the flop JQ2 with 40 BB in it and over shoving my AA and getting called by KQ. Nothing special but bad luck. I think I played between 10 and 20 sessions back then and was up +- 2500 euro. The little story before was to show that I dont think it was just running good.

That and with the fact of my online result of going to 1000-1500 dollar in 50-60k hands and keepin it that way another 50-60k hands made me think I could play some poker.

But ofcourse than. I quit my study so left the city to live back home and couldnt visit the casino anymore and quited the live 2-2 cashgame (pitty i should have played it more)

After some months I started playing poker again online on 50NL, but I couldn't win. I bought pokertracker 3, before I used pokeroffice. And I started to play on partypoker because 888.com didnt work on pokertracker back than. I also lost some 300 dollar on pacific playing omaha.

I kept my bankroll the same for maybe 70k hands, prob more. My laptop crashed so I lost all but 17k hands of information. I was getting kinda sick of it and I wanted to become better so I decided to start playing for pokerstartegy.com shortly. Things only got worse and I lost some 300 dollars on partypoker and some 100 dollar on pokerstars ( of the original 600 dollar deposit ). I now stepped back from 50NL to 25NL because I need to improve my game. But i keep loosing and I am down 300 dollar now on pokerstars. My total bankroll online is now 450 dollar total and I play BSS.

So to get things short I lost my game. I dont know it is possible to make and maintain such a bankroll for such amount of hands and than slowly start loosing it. It indactes I'm getting worse.

The funny thing is I am getting worse even altough I'm learning more about poker. I knew 10 times less of poker wen I started than I do know and I played 10 times more straightforward but Im loosing more now than i did then.

So im beginning all anew here playing on pokerstars. Below is my winnings graph

and here are my stats