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    • wuttehhell
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      I didn't get my money from ps, and unfortunately I'm not rich enough to make a deposit.
      Will any of you be so kind to transfer me XX$ of your own money? I'd give back XX% of my winnings in return. I'm a good player and I've read many books, I've seen many videos from card runners and deuces cracked and I also have a lot of experience playing.
      I can't guarantee I'll win, but there's a high chance.
      I believe there are many people on this forum who don't really care for xx$ that much, and I hope you will do what PS didn't.
      Thanks alot and fun at the tables. :spade:
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi wuttenhhell,

      Discussion or requests for private money transfers are against the forum rules.

      These rules are there for the protection of all members (including yourself) from financial and/or personal data loss.

      If you don't have the funds to deposit yourself, we would respectively suggest that you try to cash in a few freerolls to build up a bankroll from scratch.

      Please do not however beg for money from fellow members, you will only get flamed in return and probably banned.

      Thank you for your co-operation and good luck building a bankroll.

      Best regards,


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      • No requests or offers for private money transfers
      • No advertising of affiliate offers/poker sites, who finance themselves through affiliate marketing
      • No soliciting from poker rooms that we do not collaborate with
      • Only our coaches and video producers are permitted to offer private coaching (private poker lessons)