Call 20 Rule Question.

    • LonePiranha
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      I'm currently playing NL5 and a hand arose that I now can't find but I'll construct one as best as I can to show what I mean.

      No information on any player worth anything.

      UTG +1 raises 0.10

      Hero Calls (with 7,7)

      MP2 raises to 0.30

      UTG +1 calls

      Hero ? (I folded FWIW)

      All others folded.

      UTG +1 = $2.60

      MP2 = $2.80 (not exact values but somewhere close)

      Hero = $7.00

      My question is what is the correct play here? As no individual player has 20 x the raise in his stack but together they do? I'm guessing my fold is correct but would like some claification please. :)
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    • thazar
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      that is an easy call you already $0.77 in the pot only $0.2 to call even though youare in between 2 if you hit the trip it should be easy to get money because of the 3 bet preflop. c/f if you dont hit c/r if you do.preflop agressor in position will more than likely bet on the flop.