[NL2-NL10] Bad play?

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      Hi, firstly sorry, I dont know how you post the hand directly in this thread, I just converted it!

      Villain was 70/9

      Due to his nature, I figure hes going to bet the flop whatever. The flop is kinda dry, but I have a flush draw / I think my possible pairs beat whatever he has. With this in mind and the fact that, I could probably get a large amount of money in the pot thanks to him being as loose as a goose, I called. Im not sure if this call is bad or not?

      Anyway, turn comes no use to me, he could have a 2, but in comparison to his last bet and the pot, this bet is small, I figure if he had a 2 he would bet bigger since my previous call makes it look like im calling any reasonable bet. Now I think he doesn't have the 2 and that my potential flush/pairs could be good if I hit the river and hes giving me reasonable odds for the call. So I call.

      He checks down the river, at this point im thinking "how can this guy have anything?" Hes obviously not trapping me as he gains less value from this. Now I put him on nothing, I nearly checked it down, but decided to 'test' him, so I fired a pot sized barrel, he folded.

      Im totally confused at his play, his play and loose nature made me play totally different to how I normally play. So please advise me as to what you think I should have done? Normally I would lay it down after the flop bet.

      Thanks and sorry if I ranted on about my thought process!

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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Considering your reads if you think you can make him lay down all the air hands he bets with on the flop I'd say you're better off raising, it's hard for him to have anything and you had good equity against his range if called. The only thing that would deter me from making that play would be him possibly making big 3-bets with a kinda wide range I can't really pinpoint, but going broke there is never bad so it's not that big of a concern.

      Turn call is fine by me considering the stack sizes at this point, I would only raise here if I thought I could make him call against with a flushdraw and stack them on spade rivers / make them check/fold on blanks. I still think you're better off raising the flop tho.

      River is fine if you're worried he'd talk himself into a call with really marginal stuff if you make it only 3/5-3/2-ish, but against most players you could certainly get away with bluffing cheaper.

      Hope it helps.
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      Thanks for the advice and taking the time to read my post! :)