Rake = the most strategy points?

    • niveaformen
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm interested on which site I get the most strategy points for same amount of rake?

      I 'm playing nl25 and nl50 mostly (I know some sites take more rake at this level; I know full tilt take more than stars but there is rb etc.)

      So, better question woud be where I make the most points if I play example 1h?

      Thanks a lot...
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi niveaformen,

      The following link should help (table towards the bottom of the page), which compares the Strategy points on each platform.

      Your right in saying there are many more factors to consider however. For instance, some of the lesser well known platforms would earn you more PokerStrategy points, but player traffic may be an issue on some levels.

      Similarly, multi-table'ability (is that a word?... is now :D ) is important, as is speed of software or even speed of game (e.g. Full Tilt's Rush if you like that sort of thing). And as you mentioned, there are player returns (rakeback, VIP systems, ad hoc promotions etc) to consider too.

      My personal point of view is selecting a reliable platform with good traffic and somewhere you feel happy playing on. No point pushing yourself on a platform you don't like just to get the odd few extra points.

      Good luck, let us know how you get on ;)

      Best regards,

    • kosmonaut111
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      Everything that Eaglestar said, is correct.
      But to answer your question directly: FTP is quite poor in giving PS points, but it has very good loyality system and rakeback and traffic and software :D
      Playing in partypoker earns you much strategypoints, little less in everest. Cant comment other sites.
    • MrEnig
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      when choosing your site dont forget to take into account how the rakeback (thus, points here at PS) is calculated. I assume you are looking for more fishy tables so dealt should be more appealing than contributed rakeback, I guess.
    • niveaformen
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      It will be good if it's fishy site but really doesn't matter because I'm great player and I can suckout and good players :D :D :D :P

      No, I just want to know if I would play same number of hands, on every site that ps offer, with same number of tables where would I make the most strategy points?

      Good rb and bonus would be plus but most of this sites offer solid bonuses.
      Yeah, and should be important that there is solid traffic 0-24 and that multitabling 10+ tables is not so hard (not like on everest X( ).

      I made few calculations and pokerheaven is looking the best for now (if I look in everything - dep bonus, rb, rake race) but not sure about how is multitabling and traffic there.

      I would play nl 6max.

      If u have some other suggestions I would appreciate to hear it...
    • extpan
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      partypoker gives you much more than another platform