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Harleytopper's Place (NL 10 SH)

    • harleytopper
      Joined: 28.09.2007 Posts: 680
      About me:

      I'm 26 years old, living in Riga, Latvia. For some years I worked for internet companies as project manager, now I'm unemployed, but in same time working for some private projects to support me financialy. Some months ago I was sure I am tired from poker, but about 2 weeks ago my friend and former colleague gave me 50$ in Cereus Network to have fun with him. And sent 200+ videos of Stoxpoker, Cardrunners and DeucesCracked, where he is a member.

      So today it looks something like this:

      This upswing and thinking that I'm wasting my time brainlessly surfing internet gave me motivation to return playing poker. I moved all money to Pokerstars what I think is best room for me. Especially on NL10, where rake is much lower than in Cereus network.

      I decided to make this blog to somehow organize my goals and just for communication.

      Interesting facts:
      * I have played almost all poker forms (LHE, PLO, 5HD etc.), and been successful in almost all winning at microstakes, but failed to be regular at any of them in lowstakes.
      * I have played only 10 money MTT in my life and managed to cash in half of them. Got 4th place 170$ and 2nd 300$. I don't play them anymore to not break my great record. :f_biggrin:
      * Got drunk and registered to 20$ SNG (60$ bankroll), got AA in first hand, gone allin and got crushed by rags.
      * In 2005.year played on NL200 with 600$, had no clue about BRM.

      Short term goals:
      * Play 20 days per month, 4 hours per day 4-tabling.
      * Watch 20 Stoxpoker videos ( :heart: Ed Miller) + make notes.
      * Reach NL20 as fast as possible.

      About my nick:
      It is just random nick I picked for this site, but now I kinda like it. It has to meanings:
      1) Main character in Hot Shots movie.
      2) Only Harley Davidson scooter (If I will make tonn of money I will buy one obv. :s_cool: )

      BTW English is my 3rd language so don't be strict about it, I will try to get better at it eventually. :f_p:
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    • Skeat
      Joined: 18.08.2009 Posts: 493
      I'm also at NL10 SH at pokerstars atm ^^
      I'll keep reading this, good luck on the tables.
    • snaker3
      Joined: 09.11.2007 Posts: 178
      Best wishes from Saldus :)
    • harleytopper
      Joined: 28.09.2007 Posts: 680
      Found interesting piece of code from Pokerstars random hand dealer:

      .river card {

      if #player wpip 40<
      if #player outs 4>
      if #pot 50bb<

      then deal one of the outs
    • Phgrinder
      Joined: 16.02.2009 Posts: 1,007
      where did you get the code. i dont know that it was made available to the public. if you can give us a share of the code, that would really help so that we can figure out how the random generator for their cards work
    • LonePiranha
      Joined: 24.03.2010 Posts: 65
      Nice start to the blog, and also a nice graph for the first few thousand hands, I've never really liked the SH game much, but something obviously clicks right for you.

      As for your use of English, it's not bad at all for your 3rd language. My first language is English and I am still studying it at 28.

      Good luck, I'll pop back when you make your next update. Also, if you want to transfer a bit of your roll to FT and have a game of Stud then I'll be available any time. ;)