I need an advice from pros

    • Bender93
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      Hello guys.

      I joined poker strategy about 8 months ago and after playing for month and a half i had about $200 and silver rank,but then i gave up poker and gave my 200 dollars to a random guy.
      Now im thinking about coming back in june and im working on my play style becouse i want to be sure to use 100% of my potential when i come back.

      So ok ill make it quick:
      My main problem is tilting and getting mad while playing,and while im on tilt,i completly lose control.

      So i have a question for pros here:
      How did you overcome this problem (i bet you had the same problem when you were starting) and how do you menage to stay relaxed all the time?
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    • Atoks
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      -Don't be results oriented but instead focus on getting ur money in when it is right to get ur money in
      -Realize that getting sucked out on will happen now and then just as u will suck out on others now and then and accept it as a normal thing
      -Realize that tilting is absolutely non-profitable for u but always profitable for those that are at the same game with u
      -Play when rested and unburdened with other worries/problems/issues/whatnots
      -Don't expect to become Phil Ivey on Day 1 or Week 1 or Month 1 or Year 1 or Decade 1
      -Be prepared to work hard on ur game and always strive to improve
      -Be prepared to go through hell a.k.a. the worst downswings u can possibly imagine

      If u get all of the above right u might be able to avoid tilt 99% of the time. Keeping discipline and staying focused is the hardest thing when starting out with poker. Probably another important tip would be to not get carried away by positive/negative results, not lie/brag to ur friends/family about how well ur doing and generally try to dodge any kind of undue poker related stress.

      I don't yet consider myself to be a pro, however I do hope to get there some day. Best of luck to u!