lifetime pokerstars graph (funny)

    • extpan
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      -So,I didnt play very long on my pokerstars account but now just start a, my graph is so funny?or NOT? :f_biggrin:

      lets explain a little:
      0-50$bankrol from PS,start playing SSS with good result but on sng,hu,mtt just sucks big time
      1-I start waching video drom ps and another subs. site for poker and I just crushed that HU :D
      2-cashout 600$ a litle **** and than big time tilt :D
      2.5- :baby: ->again buy chips and start playing,all ok,than...
      3-cashout again 600$....and same as firist time xD
      4-buy chips and playing against BRM...and make some profit and again casout 500$
      5-buy chips 2 days ago and start playing HU 11$ 2 table
      7-tilt a little :D

      so,what is next? ahahhahahaha
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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Do you realise though despite the cash outs you are still break even ;)

      But serriously id say maybe play cash games. Doesnt look like S&Gs are your game. But if you are going to keep playing them, focus on one kind of game. Ie HU or STT or MTT not a combination of them. When you get good and start creaming one kind, then you can move on to others =)
    • NightFrostaSS
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      To me it looks more depressing than funny. Work on your tilt control imo.