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    • dicekeyrollz
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      Hey guys I've been playing pretty solid poker for a month, and after the 1,000+ hands I play I always try and look back on my hands to see where I made my mistakes and stuff. The thing is, though, I have to sort through all of those 1,000+ hands, including the insignificant ones.

      Does anyone have a convenient way of evaluating their game at the end of every session?
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    • KidPokersKid
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      Try to sort through the biggest pots you won and the biggest pots you lost, also if you make a move that you're not sure about during a session take note of it ( I use HEM so all this can be done pretty easily)
    • dicekeyrollz
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      Tell me more about this Hold'em Manager... :f_eek:

      Isn't it kinda expensive? I really want one of these things coz it looks like it really helps, but if it's gonna take over my bankroll then it's kinda counter-intuitive, yanno?
    • Fagin
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      Hi, there are a number of software packages available which can help loads in collecting, storing, and reviewing your hands and keep track of winnings (and losses). The 2 most popular seem to be HEM and PT3.

      I bought PT3 via Pokerstrategy out of my winnings about 6 months ago, and it has paid for itself many times over already.

      I started with the micro-stakes edition and only 2 months later I upgraded to the full edition.

      I would fully reccomend you try out one or more of these (free trials are available) as they are so useful you will shortly wonder how you managed without them.

    • dicekeyrollz
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      Thanks for the advice. :s_biggrin:

      How do you buy via Pokerstrategy?
    • tvalberg
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      Click on the "SHOP" link at the top of the page. Or click here:
    • cryoburn
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      If you want to improve in poker Hold'em Manager (or PokerTracker) is a must-have to whatever stakes you're playing.

      I use HEM for:
      - HUD
      - Session Reviews
      - Graphic Analysis
      - Leak finding and resolving
      - Taking notes and determining opponent's hand ranges
      - and much more

      If intensively and correctly used it can really put things in prespective and can really chage your game.
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      Hey dicekeyrollz,

      since this forum is meant for feedback concerning the content we are offering, I have moved this thread into the "General Poker Discussion"-Forum.

      Kind Regards,


      PS: I recommend HEM as well, it can be found here. (don´t forget to check which of the packages suit you best before you order)
    • irregularity
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      Would anyone be willing to share their tips for evaluating sessions, what to look for etc.