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    • olimp20
      Joined: 06.03.2010 Posts: 12
      I would appreciate some peace of advice to find leaks in my game.
      I do not use poker soft but I have stats from Partypoker.

      Table: STTs
      Game: Hold'em
      Hands played: 3076

      Your actions:
      Fold: 57%
      Call: 11%
      Check: 14%
      Bet: 4%
      Raise: 11%
      Re-raise: 0%

      Where you fold:
      Pre-Flop: 68%
      Flop: 5%
      Turn: 1%
      River: 0%
      No-Fold: 24%

      Hands won: 18%
      Showdowns won: 7%
      Flops seen: 23%
      Win % of Flops Seen: 44%

      Am I aggressive enough? I do not use contibets enough?
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    • nibbana
      Joined: 04.12.2009 Posts: 1,186
      At a glance it looks like you may be a little passive preflop, you should be raising/reraising more. I can't comment on your cbet% as you haven't posted any stats specific enough. There's a PokerStrategy video here - Advanced Strategies for Post-Flop Play

      Some good advice for you is to get HoldEm Manager. You get 30 days free, import all of your hand histories. It will be much more productive for you to get to grips with this software and find the spots that you're struggling with.