• Moerto
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      Rule 3: No advertising

      • No requests or offers for private money transfers
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    • LonePiranha
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      Try another poker forum, from what I gather money transfer requests will be edited out as it's against this site T&C (board rules).

      There are other places out there that will accomadate you, but you'll have no luck as a noob to any forum to get the funds tranfered first. And if you do go down this route then make sure that whoever is "helping" you out, is a regular poster and been signed up to the site for a long time.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Moerto,

      Yes LonePiranha is correct, sorry but we have to edit and close. To protect all members (including yourself) from possible financial or personal data loss, requests for or discussion of private money transfers is not allowed.

      We trust you will understand.

      I personally would advise you contact Full Tilt support again as they are the only ones that can help with your query.

      If all else fails, we would strongly recommend that you complete a transfer of your own funds via someone like moneybookers or neteller. For a small fee they provide a fast and secure transfer.

      Good luck & best regards,