never had this high of a bankroll :)

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    • thepowerplay
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      That is awesome man! Did you do following the strategy on the site, or other learning?

      That's great though... it's where I WANT to be!

      :spade: :D
    • msliw
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      Originally posted by sirilidion
      first time in my life my bankroll is more then $ 5000 :s_cool:
      You're saying your banroll is currently 5000$ and your goal is to play 27$ SnGs. What's the problem? How many BI do you need there?
    • sirilidion
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      @thepowerplay: yeah, I followed the strategy and it improved my game a lot. I played here about a year and a half and withdrew my bankroll at the end of the year and started again in January with $ 150 and now I have more then $ 5000

      @ msliw :well I need to change the sig still :D . exily it is still correct because I don't play the normal SnG's anymore but only the 18 man ones :s_cool: . Those I play the $ 16 till $ 38 limit because of the low traffic on the $ 27 and $ 38