poker tracking software

    • monkey0nfire
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      To put it straight forward, I dont run stats when i play, i take notes on players,but this limits me to say 6 tables at any one time, else i cant make decent notes on players..
      this would be so much more easier if i could just run stats on ppl while i play, and take occasional notes, coz this would definetly help in those tricky situations, only if i knew how loose ppl played i could reraise with those AQs etc... and i could open more tables aka more $$.

      So my question is: which system is best to run stats and where can i get one for free?

      I gotta unlock elephant still by PS that is outta the question atm.

      Thanks to any1 that replys to this
      ( ps: yes im a donk for not sorting this out earlier :f_biggrin: )

      Monkey :f_cool:
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    • tokyoaces
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      This has been covered a million times.

      Try PokerTracker 3 and then try Hold'em Manager and buy whatever you like the best. (Then be prepared someday to buy the other one because that seems to be the way these things go.)