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K.O Journies through 90plr SNG's

    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Hello, a little about myself. I am currently playing 90plr K.O. @ the $3. I have been playing poker for a while and can't thank the people here enough. The information you get here has helped my game so much. I have played NL, FL, PLO and sng's.
      All these games have only been played at the micro lvls and have always been a +bb/100 player, Thanks mostly to the information that is available here.
      The largest i have ever got my BR to was $1400, that was when i was playing NL but the big boost came from placing in the top 3 of a MTT, i ended up taking some money out and then went on a horrible downswing. And after about a month was back down to the original $50. Crazy Shit.
      I decided that i needed to try something else, so i switched to FL and built my BR back up to $175 and withdrew it all.

      Missed the game and decided to start playing again. I deposited money on Mansion, $175 and was hoping to take advantage of the first time deposit. I started playing NL again. Things did not go according to plan. For the first month it was up and down, i was up to $250, not great, considering $30 of that was bonuses.
      The next month started bad, imo, i dropped down to $130, and when i start to lose, i like to withdraw money out of the account. I believe it helps me focus. So i withdrew $80 and bought a video game.
      Now, with only $50, i decided to switch to sng's. Imo, i have always done well in tournaments, be it local tournaments or online, my confidence is high.
      I decided to play the 30Plr sng's and built my BR up to $200, starting at the $1 and then moved to the $2.
      Withdrew all the money out of Mansion and deposited it all on FT.
      Because i am an idiot, i forgot to use the PS code to get the bonuses............SO STUPID.
      I really want the PS points, don't know what to do. Tried contacting their rewards e-mail and they told me, that there is nothing they can do as i was directed to their site from some other avenue. NOT HAPPY

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    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      As i have said I am now playing 90plr K.O. @ the $3 lvl. Unfortunately i do not use any software when i am playing. I did have the elephant program running when i was playing NL, and FL, but because i am a computer idiot, i managed to erase my HH log and then i couldn't get it to work again.
      So that's why i no longer use any software. I do plan on buying one, sometime in the future, just not sure when.

      I have played only a small amount of MTT, but things are going well so far. I play 6 tables at a time, and when i get knocked out of one, i just open another. When i get a MTT to the final 21-24, i stop opening new tables and start to focus a little more on that table.

      Now that i have started this blog, i will find a way to post some hands and other interesting stuff, that have helped me and may help others.

      Here's how it looks as of today.

      Played approx: 75 games
      K.O bonuses(.50 per person you K.O): just over $60
      Most K.O. :14 :D
      ITM: 14
      BR is now up to $540

      I am hoping to hit my April goal soon. Which is to move up to next level.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Update for the day. I just finished a session on FT and also a MTT on Mansion. The only reason i am still playing on Mansion is because i used my MP to buy a $20 MTT ticket.
      Sure was a little different playing on a MTT on Mansion as the starting chips is only 1500. Hard to make to many moves as every chip is really important.
      2 hours later i managed to make the money. Started out with 232 players and the top 30 got paid.
      Things went bad fast, i was 11th in chips w/ 17k, 28 players left, was a raise from the co, to 3K, i think the blinds were 400/800 and i was in the sb. The co only had 8500 chips, so i reraised him all-in, and he called.
      I was sitting w/AKos, he had AQos, and rivered a Q. That would have given me the chip lead, was not happy.
      Very next hand, fold around to the same guy he limps in, i reraise all-in, my remaining 9k chips on the button, maybe a little tilty, and the bb goes all-in as well. ooooooops. I had pocket 7's he had pocket 8's. Busted 27th, payout of $37.50.
      Next time.

      On FT i played 11 90plr sng's.
      Made itm on 3 of them and K.O a total of 19 plrs. Finished 2nd,4th and squeaked in an 8th.

      I am now only $6 away from hitting my April target.

      Also if anyone knows how i can post some interesting hands and graphs, would appreciate the help.

      Thanks and hope to see you on the tables.
    • RMB
      Joined: 29.03.2008 Posts: 599
      Just make sure your client is saving the hand histories, then find a hand converter.. ( There are online hand converters and programs that has it) Online works fine you just paste the content and Viola! :

    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Just finished playing 13-90plr sng's and just surpassed the $600.
      I am definitely enjoying a nice upswing.

      I must admit i don't think i was playing my best today, but i did manage to K.O 11 players in 13 games, this isn't saying much considering i did place 1st in one of the tournaments. The first place was due to the player who placed 2nd. When we got to the final table he went on a blitz and knocked out the first 4 or 5 players, and considering i was in the middle of the pack when the final table started i was very grateful.
      So grateful that after all his hard work i rewarded him with 2nd place. LOL
      (sorry feeling pretty good)

      Going to set up some new goals for April.
      Want to jump to the next level on 90 plr sng's. $12
      Play at least 15 sng's a day.
      Make sure i am being active on the forum.

      Hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      I knew it would happen sooner or later...more sooner than later. My 12 days of bliss are over. 12 days is my longest winning streak.
      I certainly enjoyed the ride but it always stings when it comes crashing down.

      I couldn't win a hand today even if everyone folded. All my top pairs Q's and higher got busted. Top 2pr A10 on the flop lost to an utg J6os when a second 6 hit on the turn......crazy stuff.

      So i am off to take out my frustration on the drums.(XBOX 360). I feel my game is starting to get a little tilty.
      My journey in to the $6 MTT's did start off well. My first one i finished in the money with a 4th place finish. Then the poker math took over. On one of the other tables, it was down to the final 10 and i was the chip leader on my table, then four straight hands knocked me out of the money, and with each of those four hands i was the favourite going in, 2 of the hands i had the player dominated with a bigger kicker. But sometimes things just don't work out in your favour.

      I did also receive my first bonus from FT, so that helped the suffering a little. Well here are the stats from my first 12 games.

      Itm: 4th

      Hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Only played a few tournaments today, to much to do. I played 5 sng's, and felt much better about my play.
      I noticed yesterday that i was starting to get a little to loose in the early part of the tournaments, so i dropped down to only playing 4 games at a time, so i could focus a little better on what was going on.

      I only managed to get in 5 games, but i did make it to the final table once, and managed to take down top place. Was close to getting in the money on one other table but as luck would have it, was knocked out in 15th.

      Not having a whole lot of success in larger MTT, i have yet to even come close on FT in MTT with over 300 players, in fact it is rather embarrassing how poorly i have fared. Not giving up, i will make it happen.

      Well here are the results of today's playing.

      5-90plr sng's
      K.O's served 13
      ITM: one 1st place finish

      Good day overall. So far 10 K.O's on the $6 MTT's is the most i have had in one game.

      Hope to see you at the tables.
    • xcyberkidx
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 43
      what a nice article...
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Just finished for another day. Had a major brain fart on one of the tables, i keep going over the hand in my head, and i keep coming up with the same question.

      What were you thinking? I used a lot stronger words, and i have absolutely no idea.

      Here's the play by play. There were only 10 players left, 5 at each table, and if you don't know the final 9 get in the money, as i play 90 plr sng's w/ a K.O. bounty. Really like the bounty, i think of it as rake back. :D
      Of the final 10 i have the second most chips, and the player to my right has the largest chip stack. Can you guess where this is going. Also there is a player at our table who only has just over 3k chips and the blinds are 1k/2k plus a forced blind, can't remember what it is called. It appears brain farts are the norm for me today.
      Everyone folds and it is just me and the bb, as i am the sb. I have been dealt 6's, so right now with just the blinds and ante, the pot is already around 3750, don't remember what the ante was. So what do i do, i put in a 3x bb raise, 6000, so that makes the pot 8750, as soon as i put the raise in, my exact thought was, you just gave him better than 2:1 odds to call in position and all you have is a tiny little pr of 6's. Needless to say he called and the flop came 8810, i bet and he raised me, i went all-in and he happily called and showed his 10Jos.
      Again don't know why i called the reraise either as i still had over 14k chips which probably would have got me to the final table, as i said because another player only had 3k in chips.
      So instead of getting to the final table in good shape i was knocked out on the bubble.

      I have no explanation as to.......really what was i thinking?

      Now this wasn't the only brain fart, i also was playing a sat tourny to the 200K which takes place tomorrow. Again things were going well, 12 players remaining and the top 7 either got paid or a token to the tournament. Now i don't remember all the details because the 2 brain farts happened pretty close together, but after the bubble mishap on the 90plr sng, all thoughts of this mishap have been black out in my head, i just wrote down that i made a huge blunder. Maybe it is my brains way of dealing with preventable trauma. ?(

      Well enough blabbering for now. Here is how my little mishap of a day at the tables finished.

      11 MTT's
      1 was a 511pl MTT, did not get anywhere near the money.
      1 was a sat which i cleverly found a way to bust out in 12th.
      9-90plr K.O's
      14-devastating K.O's very gory
      and 1 finish in the money for an 8th place

      Thanks for reading my rant and hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      The last couple of days have not brought the types of results i have been looking for.
      Yesterday, was me playing my B game, and mix that with some unfortunate beats, and you stop building your BR. It seemed that every time i had pocket Q's, i would be up against K's. Couldn't even K.O. anyone, shows you how well i was playing. The other players must have been thinking "we've got us a live one here, time to put the little fish out of his misery" I also thought that maybe a much larger MTT would help, maybe get me playing my A game.
      The idea was short lived as i managed to stay at the table for about 5 mins before i was K.O. in 1023 out of 1198. Solid.

      Final Results for yesterday were
      1 MTT-1023 out of 1198.
      9-90plr sng

      Today was a little better. I felt confident in my play, definitely had my A game on. Unfortunately the results are not. Can't win them all.
      I never felt like i was making an incorrect call, or raise or fold, what ever the scenario dictated. So even when i was eventually K.O., i was disappointed in the result but not in the way that i played the hand. I also played another MTT today, pretty much the same result as above, 5 min's of solid play and out.

      Final Results of the day:
      1 MTT-430 out of 591
      13-90plr sng's
      ITM-once for a 5th
      K.O.'s-15 bone cracking

      I have also decided to go back to the $3-90plr sng's, it's not that i am uncomfortable at the $6 limit, or that i feel i can't beat the level, i just want to work with a larger BR. I intend to jump up once i have a min of 200 B.I's at the $6 level. Have a hard time seeing how fast it can disappear with a 100 B.I. BR. My BR sits at $600, will be back up very soon.

      I also want to practice up on my end game, the big thing i noticed about the higher up sng, was that there are a few more players that know when to shove and will call with a little bit larger of a range, so i need to be better. More studying is needed.

      Hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253

      So i decided to drop back to the $3-90plr sng's and things went right back to the way it was. I have only managed to play 22 games in the last 2 days but they were a profitable 22 games.
      Yesterday i played 15 games and managed to claw my way into the money on 2 occasions. One of the games wasn't much of a clawing as i had a huge chip lead going into the final table, but the final table has a funny way of equaling us all out. I think the closest player on the final table had 30k less chips than i did. It was one of those games that when i was the favourite going into the hand, it held up. The vast majority were Ax vs Ax and my x was always the bigger. Love it when things work out that way. I did win this sng fairly easy, if such a thing could be said.
      The second sng was a little different. I was a med stack on the final table, this was much more of a grind to get there. And when i was at the final table the grinding kept going. It got to heads up and i was the chip leader, no easy task, and first hand i was dealt A4os, so i raised, and was immediately reraised. I had just over 200k chips to his 70k+, so i called. He flipped over A's, was not looking good, but the poker gods took pity on me and turned me the straight. So this is how the stats for yesterday looked:

      15-90plr sng's
      ITM: 2x 1st :D
      K.O.'s: 19 and very bloody knuckles to show for it

      Today was a much shorter day. I read the article on overbetting and found this to be very helpful and went to use my new found bullets on the unsuspecting players at my tables. I must admit it didn't start to well, my first 2 attempts at overbetting backfired and i was knocked out on both attempts. But not feeling defeated i vowed to use if effectively. And it proved a very useful tool, one that i have never really used before. It certainly helped build up my chip stacks.
      If you have not read the article, i would definitely recommend it.

      Well here are the stats for today:

      7-90plr sng's
      ITM: 3x all 3 finishes were 2nd, little disappointed ;)
      K.O.'s: 26 fists were flying everywhere and so were the K.O.'s

      Only need $9200 more to pay for my wedding which is next June.

      Hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Well things are not going so well as of late. I am currently on a bit of a down ward turn. I have not made the money on two separate 20+ stretches and on the 2 occasions that i have made the money i placed 9th and 5th. The K.O's have also been few, and it appears that i am the one with the glass jaw lately.
      So i decided to mix it up a bit and try the Rush poker, that was a mistake. I played PLO 25 and lost 2 stacks, both times that i went all-in, i flopped a set but lost to a flush, i only like flushes when i hit them, not when people hit the flush against me. :evil:
      Then when i could feel myself tilting, i thought it would be a good idea to play NL50. Once again bad idea. It started pretty good, but as in all good things they must come to an end. The one hand that put a smile on my face, was when i was in the SB. 1 player limped in, in mp1, and then CO raised to 3x bb, i called with 8's, and so did the limper. The flop came 85J, i led out with 1/2 pot bet, limper reraised all-in, CO called, and i went all-in, and was promptly called. Limper showed pocked 5's and CO showed A's, was a nice pot to win.
      But the good times did not last long, shortly after that, 4 way pot, i was button this time. As in all bad stories, villain had a bit larger stack than i did. Once again i flopped a set of 9's, but there was 2 hearts on the flop and after all the money was in the pot, me with only a set and on the turn he hit his nut flush, and there went all my money. Stupid Flushes.
      So my BR has taken a bit of a hit. Such is poker.
      Some good news, because of my FT account taking a hit, i decided to play a little on my Mansion account. I decided on trying HU PLO and NL. Now i only have $27 in the account but i was playing NL/PLO 5, and i know that it is bad BR management. But i have managed to bring the BR up to $50+, so i am happy about that.
      Well that about takes my playing up to date. Oh one last thing, i have been trying to get my Elephant program to work again; I thought poker can be frustrating, i have spent hours trying to get it working with no results, i have checked out the manual from PT3, checked the forum many many times. And the same result ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION.
      Now back to the fun on the tables.
    • saywhat
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      This week was no where as good as the previous weeks in Apr have gone. I did venture out in to some other games, than just MTT, as my brain needed the rest, with mixed results.
      I am enjoying the Rush poker and some HU action, so different from the MTT, will be playing those games a little more often. Just need to boost my confidence in them.
      I posted some hands that have given me some sleepless hours at night as to whether i played them as optimally as possible, will see later what the group collective thinks.

      The week did end on some good notes, i played 9-90plr sng's on Saturday, and managed to make it to the money on 3 of them. Had 2 others that i should have reached the money round but poker doesn't always go the way i want it to and ended up being bust out on the bubble of one of them and the other i finished in 14th. So i was pleased with my play overall.

      It certainly felt good to have some good success since i was having a bit of trouble getting to the money round recently. How quickly things can change in poker for good and bad, and how quickly it can affect you attitude.

      Well enough ranting here are the final stats for my MTT's on Saturday:

      9-90plr sng's K.O.
      ITM: 3x- 1-3rd, 1-5th, 1-8th
      K.O.'s: 14 youtube worthy K.O.'s

      BR: $700+

      Well hope to see you at the tables.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      April overall was a good month. May will be better. I started to get away from the game that i was actually making money on and play games that i lost money on. Near the end of the month i switched mainly to Rush poker and just kept giving all that hard earned money back. Will not be doing that in May.

      I did manage to just hit my goals for April, even though i was way ahead of schedule and actually wrote up new ones half way through the month. I ended up with just over $600 in my BR and had at one time over $800 in the month of April, but as i said i gave a lot back on Rush poker.
      Lesson Learned.

      So here are my goals for May:

      1)Need to review my HH of the previous day-spend no less than 1 hr
      2)Take better notes on players-if any one has some suggestions on this it would be greatly appreciated.
      3)No More Rush Poker-if any members happen to see me playing-be kind and tell me to get back to MTT's-preferably before you take all my money
      4)Post hands on forum everyday
      5)Read strategy articles everyday-spend no less than 1 hr
      6)Play 350 MTT in May

      See you at the tables.
    • saywhat
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      Just finished for the day. Was not playing my best today, made a lot of mental mistakes. These are just the mistakes that i made that were very obvious. I marked down that in 16 MTT's i made 8 major blunders. All of them cost me dearly. Guess i need to drink more coffee.
      No excuses, I need to be playing better more consistantly.

      Completely off topic, but what does HEM stand for, and where can i get it.

      Okay some good news, even though i played very poorly today i still managed to pull out a tiny profit. :D

      Yesterday was also pretty good, and what really made my day was that i checked out Sharkscope, and was very pleased with the stats. Now i don't have a huge data bank but was still happy none the less.

      My stats were:
      311 Games Played- the majority were the 90Plr sng's with a K.O bounty.
      $2 Average Profit
      $3 Average Stake
      68% Average ROI :P
      72/100 Ability- not really sure what this really means

      I also just downloaded Skype, so i am hoping to meet up with the MTT group, not sure when they meet but i am looking forward to it. :]

      Well here are the stats for the past 2 days:
      Played for a total of 4 1/2 hrs
      G.P: 17
      ITM: 4x- 2nd, 2x6th, 8th
      K.O.'s: 24 there were bodies flying everywhere

      Played for a total of 5hrs
      G.P.: 16
      ITM: 2x-2nd, 4th
      K.O.'s: 10 :evil:

      So that wraps up the day.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      It has been a while since i have last updated my poker career. It is a constant battle to update when things don't seem to be going that great.
      The psychology of poker sure can take the wind out of your sails. I am always trying to keep my attitude in check, most of the time it is because it seems that suckouts come in waves, and that is when i am having the most trouble. I did reread the section that deals with tilt, always good reading.

      I did like the part that mentioned that variance is an over used word and that it is usually just bad playing that causes you to lose all your cash as the tables.
      When i used to have a marketing company, i used to use a similiar anedote, to keep the sales staff from losing their attitude that would cost them money, so it really rang a bell with me.

      Sure variance does happen but more often than not it is a cope out used by bad players to validate their constant loses.

      Enough ramblings.

      Well i had set certain goals for the month of May and didn't really put a whole lot of effort it to achieving some of them. Didn't do a whole bunch of reviewing of my hand histories, my excuse, and it is just a lame excuse, is that i no longer have the luxury of using Elephant or any other type of software, so it is extremely time consuming.
      I am taking more notes, just little things, like what kind of players they are, how they act at the final table, raising habits, and i try to check out 5 players a day on sharkscope. If they are winning players, their ability rankings, and how many games they have played.
      Still occasionally play Rush Poker but only at the NL5, can't believe that i have not had 1 winning session. It makes me crazy, so i have been avoiding it.
      I have been reading the articles, always a good idea, the unfortunate part is that because i am not tracked by PS on FT, i don't have access to much other than the basic bronze sections. I might switch to Stars after i have completed my bonus so i can use the articles again. Not sure though as i am running good on FT sng's.
      And finally didn't even come close to playing 350 MTT's, maybe next month.

      Some good stuff now. What i consider good stuff anyways. I withdrew over $400 this month from just playing the $3 sng's. Will not be withdrawing anymore next month as i am considering getting some coaching as i am tearing up the $3 sng's and want to move up but would like some objective views on where my weaknesses are, always hard to be totally objective about your own playing. And i have a rough time playing any other type of MTT tourny as the starting chips are only 1500 and i am used to playing with 3000.

      I also set a personal best for K.O's in 1 game.....16 K.O's....i knocked out 1/6 of the players and took the 1st place prize money. Did that today, May 31/10.

      Well here are my updated stats:
      Total Games Played: 472-these are just the $3 90plr sng's
      Avg. Profit: $2
      Avg. ROI: 67%
      Profit: $857
      Ability: 72/100

      Hope to see you at the tables.

      And remember: You don't need to pay someone off just to prove you are right.
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      Seems that in the last 2 months i have started the same way. I did not even come close to hitting my goals for June, but i do have plenty of excuses as to why i didn't. Seems to be a constant theme. Definitely need to change that. I have no intention of boring myself of anyone else who reads this as to what those excuses are, just that if i truly want to play professionally that this crap needs to stop.

      Need to get truly serious, pros don't make excuses, they just do it.

      So here are the results of June. I have decided to change the stats that i get from Sharkscope, they will include all results. The reason i have changed it, it is because i am actively playing larger MTT's, the buy-in's will be between $3-6, and i will occasionally play a $10 MTT if i am feeling confident in my play, this is a little above the recommended brm, but as i have said it will be rare.

      June's Results

      GP:since tracking on sharkscope started-649-my total as of June was 472--so i actually only played 177 games.
      Avg. Profit: $2 Avg. Stake:$3 Avg. ROI: 55% TotalProfit:$1062(the past 3 months)

      Some good news, i played in one of the guaranteed $50k FTP $15+1.50 buy-in, it had a field of 4400 players and it is my first itm with a field so large. I didn't get much in the way of cards in the tournament until my last 2 hands that i played. My second last hand was AKs in the sb, all players folded to the button who went all-in with his remaining approx 8K in chips, i immediately reraised all-in with my 20k chips, and was immediately called by the bb, who i think had me covered. So as all 3 hands were revealed, the bu had 2's and the big blind had AKo. The 2's took it down.

      The next hand went like this, ep limped, folded to CO, who raised to 3x the bb, and i now holding j's, reraised all-in with my remaining 12k in chips, ep folded and CO calls, who shows Q's, neither hand improved and i was left knocked out in 302nd. for a grand payout of $29. I was very glad to have made it that far with the hands that i was dealt, i stole a lot of pots, i played my table image of being tight aggressive to take down some monster pots with absolute rags :D and disappointed as well because i finally got some good starting hands and was knocked out with them, such is the way of poker.

      So now on to July's Goals (I will achieve them)
      1) Learn how to use a hand converter[]
      2) Play 30hrs of hands per week.[]
      3) Complete my bonus on FT.[]
      4) Reread all the bronze sections.[]
      5) Update my Blog everyday that I play.[]
      6) 10hrs of review weekly.[]
      7) Play 1 MTT each day I play cards.[]
      8) Exercise 3x a week.[]
      9) Plan out a healthy meal plan so i have enough energy to play my A game everyday.

      Until next time.

      Hope to see you at the tables and remember
      You don't have to pay someone off to prove you were right!
    • saywhat
      Joined: 25.11.2008 Posts: 253
      All done for the day, was pretty happy with my day overall. I don't think you can complain much when you have a positive net result in your BR.

      I was a little disappointed with my result in the MTT that i played in today. It was the $3+.30 KO, the field was 524 deep, and i managed to get to the final table with 2nd most chips. I know this all sounds good except that i was the first one out on the final table. I raised in the 1st mp with A10s fold all around to the sb who was the chip leader and he just called my bet. Flop came 9 10 4, he donk bet 20k, i reraised all-in and he called with j8o and out came a Q on the turn and out i go. Payout of $25.55.
      Happy that i made the final table, disappointed with final outcome. Next time.

      In my regular game, the 90plr KO $3+.3, i only played 8 games but i did manage to make it to the final table in 3 of them. I placed 2nd,5th, and 6th.

      I also played 2 90plr KO $6+.5 and was not so lucky with the results. Tomorrow brings a whole new day of promise.

      Did a little checking on some of the players today on Sharkscope, was impressed with the players stats that i did check out. I can only check out 5 players and 4 of those players had profits over 1600 with the largest being over 9400. Their ability scores ranged from 69-74. First time that i have looked up 5 players and 4 of them were actually good players, glad i took notice of them and made some notes.

      That's all for today. Hope to see you at the tables

      You don't have to pay someone off to prove that you knew what he had.
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      Hey. Nice to follow your progress.
      I'm also playing the 3.3$ KO's for the time being, moving up soon.
      I'm definently keeping my eye open for you, good blog. Keep up the good work.

    • SamBurton5
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      HEY,will be following this blog, i am also intrested now in playing these what would you advise your BR to be to start off and do you have skype or anything?

      thanks sam
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