how to play "2rebuy1addon" tourneys??

    • Leito99
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      how to play "2rebuy1addon" tourneys??
      i know that in a normal rebuy tourney you always rebuy and addon but with an add on you get more chips while in the 2R1A tourneys you get lets say 2000chips for 5.50 starting stack and the 2000 for $5 as rebuys and 2000 for $5 as addon
      so should you still rebuy max times and add on?
      and what about 1R1A and other tourneys where you get 5000chips for $5 and an option of 25000chips for $25?
      what's the best thing to do???
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    • bakoy
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      Like you said, I always rebuy and addon, so I can get the most value out of my monsters.

      Unless I have a monster stack and the R/A adds 10% or less to my stack.
    • elhh82
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      always rebuy, always addon unless the addon is insignificant'

      Another thing to do is, when you've a pot, and your stack is close to 0 just ship it so you can rebuy.

      In unlimited rebuy, if your stack happened to go down to near 1 stack, also just ship the chips so you are just below 1 stack, so that you can then rebuy to play with 2 stacks again.