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    • Corrupted666
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      Hey all, does anyone else get irritated by the bar for betting? Is there any 3rd party programs/skins,etc that can be used to modify the table/layout?. Quite a few times I've raised to 80c instead of 8c at NL2 tables. Yeah i could type it in, but being used to pokerstars software where i barely typed unless it was SNG and I'm lazy.

      Note: Anyone have experience with those freeroll satellites to the BankrollBuilder tournament. I saw it was limited to 5000 and top50 get tickets, anyone had any success with those?
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      Really soft.. i had no trouble getting into the top 250 in 2 of them. The amount of donkey's on everest is incredible. And it really made me realise pokerstars really is alot more tough.

      I didn't feel like playing anymore though after i busted in the 20k freeroll so i just shoved any pair or JQ+.. If i actualy kept playing i have no doubt i would have been top 50 in both though..