Cake 6-Max Super Turbo's

    • Wurble
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      I've been playing a few of these lately because they're good fun and I've been getting some good results.

      I have a question though - There is a particular reg who pushes a very wide range in strange spots, T6o UTG 4 handed anyone? Is it profitable to call this player with a much wider range of hands?

      I mean, if he's pretty much pushing any two, is it profitable to call with hands like QTo.. Not particularly strong hands but hands that are well ahead of a lot of his pushing range? I have called him light a few times, sometimes it's paid off and sometimes not but everytime I've called I've been ahead and he's had to hit the flop to win. I just don't know if it's the right thing to do, i think maybe not?
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    • pinnryder
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      Obviously it's correct for you to call and if you were ahead every time you called him it obviously was the right thing to do as well...
    • lennonac
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      All depends on the chip stacks, if you are not the chip leader 4 handed by a good margin then it is a very big mistake to call with anything other than premium hands.

      Give some examples if you can find the hand history and we can tell you either way
    • Anssi
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      Depends on prize structure and each player's stacksize. QTo is probably too weak to call even against 100% push range in many spots because of bubble-effect.
    • Wurble
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      Cheers for the replies.

      Trying to find the HH would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack so don't have a specific hand to show you but generally I am a shorty in these situations because I don't really get active until I am down to about 10bb's. 1st place gets $11.70 and 2nd $6.30 for a $3.30 buy in.

      The blinds go up every 2 mins and this particular reg is quite laggy and so usually when he gets to 4 handed he is the big stack... He shoves very wide in strange spots. Like, I never see him shoving Ax from btn lol it always seems to be some trash from UTG/MP and I'm generally on btn or in the blinds. My main reason for calling light is he often puts me in a position where I have to because he keeps shoving and others might double and leave me out to dry so once i'm heading toward being the shorty I feel I have to call with anything in the top half of his pushing range.

      I did think that this is potentially bad in the long run but wasn't sure.