How to get $15?

    • bobwashere22
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      I signed up on pokerstrategy in 2008 pretty much just to get the free $50 on Full Tilt. In hindsight I see that I was actually a rookie player and my poker was honestly not that great and I wasted that $50 which mades me really bleak

      Im from South Africa, and these days I've just been playing on local sites and have been running pretty well and been semi-successful. Thing is that I really wanna play on Full Tilt again but am struggling to get my bankroll started. I've managed to refer a couple of people who have signed up and currently have $35 in my "referred friends" account, but I see that I need a minimum of $50 before I can transfer it from pokerstrategy to my FT account.

      Question is now, how do I get $15 on pokerstrategy so I can deposit $50 into my FT account to start my bankroll?

      I've tried the Full Tilt freerolls as well and tend to make it really deep, only to get sucked out on just before the cash and there goes 3.5hrs of my life (to win a measly 0.25c)
      Also tend to constantly "cash" in the freeroll to the daily dollar (super turbo, 7500 players, top 200 get entry) but again, the quality of players in the daily dollar are generally just donkeys and never seem to make it too far in that tourney.

      I figure all I need is $20 - $50 in my FT account and I can easily start my bankroll from there.

      Any suggestions please?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi bobwashere,

      Congrats on building up $35 in pending TAF payout. You are right, the minimum transfer for TAF is $50 so you just need to refer a couple more friends in order to release this money.

      There was an excellent article in the news section recently regarding TAF, I'll try to find it and link you, it helps you to send your unique link to your facebook/myspace/email friends.

      <Add link when article found>

      Keep it going, you'll soon be back up & running I'm sure.

      Best regards,

    • bobwashere22
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      ok thanks EagleStar88