Is PokerStars Running Okay?

    • Navrark
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      Is PokerStars Running Okay?

      I downloaded and installed the latest version but PokerStars won't open properly. The small update window appears and remains for a time, but then I get an error sound, and then it closes without bringing up the main window.

      I just figure it's best to ask before I uninstall and reinstall. Full Tilt is working wonderfully.

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    • Leito99
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      i can log in but its not running ok...
      it keeps freezing...kicking me out....cant register for any tourneys sometimes and its slow
      i guess its a good time for a break
    • agelisgr
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      before some days when pokerstars had a server maintenance,i tried to login after maintenance but i got an error massage that i had to download AGAIN the program from guess it was some kind of reset?the matter is that i lost some settings.