is cashing out through direct bank transfer safe??

    • Leito99
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      i was gonna cash out through direct bank transfer but some of my friends said i shouldn't because its dangerous....
      they may just be old fashioned or something but i thought i'll just ask here anyway
      has anyone done it before and had no problems??
      btw i am from europe so cant get a check..
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    • Skyscrapers
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      I did it last week. It took ~24hrs. Full Tilt
    • swissmoumout
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      ask them why they think it's dangerous. They'll answer some shit about poker sites stealing your money, or something equally short-sighted. Slap them in the face, call them an idiot, then cash out however you want.

      Seriously though, I really don't see what the problem could be. It's not like anyone can steal your money even if they somehow got your account number or IBAN, so in a way it's even safer than e-wallets. I've done loads of bank transfers from partypoker (and moneybookers for that matter), never had a problem.
    • zloVkvetinaci
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      its safer than e-wallets, checks, credit card transfers...
    • Leito99
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      ok so there are no problems
      thanks for replies
    • Joshquan
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      On a similar topic, has anyone cash out by checks from partypoekr or anywhere else? Is this usualy okay, how do the checks come, made payable to or what other tdetails?
    • emotv
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      Since i became micro limit grinder in Pokerstars, i cashout 1000 dolars every month to my wire transfer.

      Directly to my bank account with out any harm from Pokerstars.
    • andreibalint
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      If you're cashing out less then 100k then the only way it's dangerous is if you give your money to 2 guys with long beards and strange eyes, each with a Kalashnikov on their back, who have a rusty van and promise to transport the money where you need to.

      That 100k it's put with no reason, i think your money would be safe no matter how much are we talking about.