Sweat session PLO 200-400

    • nubbe2
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      I am looking for sweat session partners playing atleast PLO200
      I will be focusing on Shorthanded and HU with short term target getting enough skill and bankroll to be playing PLO 1000 .

      I been playing PLO 200 and atm slowly moving towards PLO400.
      I try to spend more time studying then playing so i do not have to big of volume, since I'm not planning on playing small stakes it doesn't concern me.

      To promote myself I'm in ptr's top winners this year on PLO200.

      If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me on skype or in this thread.


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    • suitedeule
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      im interested ;) Im also playing plo200, regulary taking shots at 400 at FTP/stars

      Im trying to get some volume in but sweat sessions are always welcome, too.

      As far as my playing style concerns u can always watch one of my videos here at ps.com and have a look if it suits you or not :)

      i have pmed u here at pokerstrategy.com via the community feature since i dont want to post my skype name in public.

      for the next couple of days i have a lot to do at university. i think we can sweat some sessions maybe next week or so

    • 8412king
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      I want to be in too. I also have a lot to do in school so it may be hard to find time that suits me. I play mainly PLO400, some 200 and take shoots at PLO600-1k.