some questions on party poker

    • supeyrio
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      hi there, i have a couple of questions on party poker! here goes:
      do they not welcome players from certain countries? specifically singapore?

      do they support short stacking? how much is the min buy in in terms of BB?

      how is the software? capable of multitabling up to?

      how is the traffic? is it reasonably decent?

      seems like party poker gets more strategy points per rake, and they seemingly take proportionately more rake compared to pokerstars/fulltilt?

      sorry to be abit lazy because i'm sure some questions can be found around here. just that the search didnt really return much information and i believe there are kind souls who will shed some light :f_p: :f_p: :f_p:
      thank you in advance!
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    • Reanimater
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      unfortunately, right now you cannot play from singapore.

      else short stacking is supported. the traffic is good, third largest after fultilt/pokerstar.

      capable of multitabling up to 18 tables. good tiling options.