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Should I just go with BSS?

    • Nazzor
      Joined: 21.06.2008 Posts: 46
      I have a bankroll of $11.28, and I read almost everywhere here when you have such a small br you should stick with SSS until you build up your bankroll..

      But, at platform where I'm playing minimal buy-in for 0.01/0.02$ table is 1$, which doesn't work for SSS I suppose?

      I played a bit of BSS, and at these micro limits players seems really dumb, so I think I shouldn't have a problem... Still, some mistakes or just bad luck could be devastating for my br...

      What would you do if you were me? Another option is SnG, but I'm kind of bored of them, don't know why.
      I used to play a lot of them in the past, and they are time consuming given the micro limit I'm playing in, and I'm bad in multitabling =\
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    • Lim00n
      Joined: 13.10.2009 Posts: 73
      If you're serious about poker i'd deposit a bit of my own money and start playing seriously.. if you're just playing poker bc's you got the 50$ free and just wanna see if you can somehow luck out, then it doesn't matter :) .
    • Bigniux
      Joined: 09.01.2009 Posts: 2,098
      well, i play BSS, my bankroll is lower than yours, but it's ok. The thing i do differently than reccomended by PS is that i sit dow at tables with 1$(50BB), but for me it works fine. Except that it's hard to make any kind of move to drive people out, cause if they call/raise, then i'm almost always commited, but it's easier to force opponents to call AI when they have weaker hands and after double up, it's just normal BSS :) And if you think that BSS suits your style, than play BSS.

      Good luck at tables ;)
    • woopstash
      Joined: 14.01.2010 Posts: 94
      Play fully-stacked NL2. Play simple ABC poker and you should be fine. If you find that you're worried about not having a big enough bankroll, deposit 5-10 more buyins worth (10-20$) and give it a serious go. Play 1-2 tables to start and after every hour or so, stop playing and review your big pots. Post them for review.

      I read a LOT of articles and did a lot of session review when i first started. Post hands for review in the forums and keep learning.
    • Effanongen
      Joined: 09.02.2010 Posts: 45
      It probably depends on where you play, but from my experience 4 Tabling even NL 25 BSS rush poker on full tilt is more profitable than 24 tabling SSS on Poker Stars NL 50. Now, this is not an option unless you readapt to the 40 BB minimum buyins they have added there, but I would assume the 40 BB Min hasn't improved SSS (I had a look last night, loosest table was at 13% VPIP).

      I average around 40$ an hour just 4 tabling NL 25 Rush Poker, there are alot of fishy loose preflop players and tight but very stat dependant and bad postflop players.

      If you play at poker stars I would DEFINATELY suggest you play big stack or even shortstack on the 0.01$/0.02$, as they are the most profitable $/hr tables up untill atleast 0.10$/0.25$.