Hi everyone,

Ok i think i need a blog to get my head into shape they seem to help most other peoples mindsets (or at least the ones ive read have) at the time of writing this, i am the most hmm i dont wanna say pissed off but i dont know the right word to describe how i feel.

Let me start from the beginning,
My name is Carl im 21 (just) from East Yorkshire, England and got my first taste of poker when i was about 16 saw some on telly and had to try it out myself.

Played a few freerolls and ended up winning one. (probably donked my way through it) soon blew the money i won from that and didnt really play anymore until i was 18 and made a min deposit on FT. I'll be the first one to admit i was a fish and pretty easy one to spot too so lost that money and many other min deposits over the next year or so.

Then in january my girlfriend told me about a website she had found where they gave her $50 for answering some questions i spent the next week or so looking over her shoulder watching her play before she said "make your own if you want to play" so i did but was denied the starting capital maybe because she had one too im not sure of the reasons.

I looked for other websites offering the same deal (i didnt want to deposit my own money until id learnt how to play properly, im not just a desperate scrounger lol) anyway i found one and thats how i ended up on the worst site ive played at (absolute) and why im trying to build it up so i can move sites and get a Pokerstrategy tracked account somewhere else. because this is the best poker related site ive seen :D and well deserved of the recent affiliates award (congrats).

When i signed up here i read through all the articles and the SSS stood out as the one that would be the easiest for a beginner to grasp so went for it with ok success i played 4k hands and was up to about 90$ then SSS got a abit boring so i started playing SNG's which ive always enjoyed playing the most but never been very successful at them but ive seen some high up members and coaches here saying you should play whats most fun for you.
i started shaky playing $1 turbo's losing about $30, read some articles played some more and got up to 110/120 switched to $2 games and after one winning day at the $2's the shit hit the fan and i halved my BR to about 60 switched back to $1's and now i stand at a measley $36.19

Right i think now i should set some goals:

1. Work out whats wrong with my game, i dont think ive been playing differently since i was winning (maybe i was bad then) but somethings not going well and i need to sort it.

2. Build up a big enough bankroll to move away from the Cereus network and get some money on a pokerstrategy tracked account :D

3. Find the right game for me, Cash games don't really interest me at the minute although that seems to be where the money is. SNG's are the games that i enjoy and i can play alot of without getting fed up so i want to master these if i can. i use the ICM trainer and score 95% and up normaly over about 400 random hands but i dont understand the theory side of it so thats another thing i need to look at.

4. Work out how to post graphs, hands and stats to share with you wonderful people.

5. Get upto and beat at least the $5 sngs and we will see what happens from there.

i have some life goals too.

1. Pass my driving test on tuesday, im currently unemployed and live in a small rural village with not many prospects and since it looks like my poker career isnt taking off anytime soon i need a car to travel further to look for work, which leads me to....

2. Get a job.

3. Move out of my parents and in with my girlfriend, but for this the first too need to be done.

4. Enjoy life more, its miserable where i live i need to get work get out and travel, party and just have a general good time all the time.

So if i havent bored you all to death yet i look forward to hearing your thoughts :f_love:

Heres to the first step on a new road paved with cards and pavements lined with felt that god only knows where its going to lead.