• Keplers
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      Hi everybody,

      As I understand we ppl who play at pokerstars dont get to have a rakerace. That being, I was wondering, do we get paid if we place first at the Top250 race?

      Not that I'm anywhere close to that, but I just wanted to know if we can get anything from that promotion ;)

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    • Phgrinder
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      hopefully pokerstars players get there own rake race,and also the players in Asia gets one.
    • NIVEKii
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      I have asked the exact same question in another thread and the answer came down to this:

      Pokerstars players will not have their seperate rakeraces, as it is not allowed by affiliate regulations. We can however, play in the top250 promotion without any trouble.
    • xponentx
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      AFAIK Stars pays their affiliates (Pokerstrategy included), a one-off payment for signing up a new player, whereas other sites (eg - Full Tilt), have the option for the affiliate to recieve a percentage of the rake produced by a player they sign up.

      So for Stars, Pokerstrategy does not earn anything extra if you play more, so they can't afford a rake race because the money would have to come from their own pocket (as it does in the case of Stars players who place in the Top250).

      That's how I understand the situation to be, I may be wrong.

      Oh and yes, you can still get paid for the Top250 promotion, as that is completely seperate from the Stars platform itself.
    • csnmf
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      I am pretty sure PS is on a rev share deal for Pokerstars and not CPA. It was limited to just a few trustworthy affiliates in the beginning but even i got an email the other day from them the other day regarding a rev share deal.

      There will never be a rake race for stars due to affiliate agreements. I would say the top 250 promotion is already right on the border line of what is acceptable.