Help on FL SH 1/2

    • overson
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      I seem to be a losing player at FL SH 1/2.
      I think its because I try to adjust to fish that never fold and then I start to call down almost anything and can't adapt to certain players' aggression.
      Also everytime I get a monster and face raises I just call down, but it seems that most of the time I am crushed.
      My graphed hands of won without showdown was going good up to one point when it plumeted more than 50bb, but won at showdown was horizontal.
      My stats so far with 4491 hands is 33/21/10 43/46/1.6/52%
      vp/pfr/3b wtsd%/w$sd%/ag/ag%
      I did some filters and found I constantly lose if I don't see flop.
      I think this is ok, but my winnings from showdowns does not go up to cover those losses, it just goes sideways. I'm sure part of this is my call down strategy when I'm way ahead/way behind, but my way behind is probably too wide.

      Please give me advice on the above. I have tonnes of hands to post, where can I spam these hands?
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    • Waiboy
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      Hey overson

      4.5k hands is absolutely meaningless in terms of trying to determin whether you are a winning player on a limit. In effect though the number of hands where it starts to become really meaningful is so subject to fluctuations in terms of ho you play it is almost a pointless exercise.

      I wouldn't get too hung up on your stats at this point, although I see you are playing significantly looser than recommendations (which I think you can gather a tendancy from over 4.5k hands.. the rest I think it is too small a sample). While playing looser is okay you have to consider the impact of rake at low limits which make +EV hands (in isolation) slight losers due the impact of rake.

      Anyway, the best thing to do is appreciate you always have leaks in your game and that your game can always improve.

      Having said this, I see you're keen and ready to start posting hands. Can I direct you to the warm, welcoming and safe hands of ciRith, Dawnfall and firsttsunami...
    • Foxxxen
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      Bet/raise more and calldown less. Don't be paranoid and take the fish raises seriously. Don't isolate too lightly with loose players behind. Follow the SHC!

      Make a video to upload here.
    • overson
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      I am using the SHC, but you are right I try to isolate slightly looser to isolate fish and the blinds usually join. I'm using the wider SHC that has more hands and every position. Is is possible to have a possitive non-showdown line? I think it may involve adapting to blind situations in such loose games. The only fish I'm scared of are the ones with ag below about .7 who raise me when I have a monster or strong hand. Well, and the ones who are way too ag. Against these aggressive guys should I just fold any non pair on the flop or turn in most cases? I lost a huge amount to one guy who I call a bluffing station, any opponent he usually bets all streets with anything but only calls down with A high or a pair. So I tried to use his strategy on him but it went horribly wrong.
    • redskwerl
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      Make a video to upload here.


      you cannot have positive non-showdown winnings if you're playing well and against "normal" opposition (i guess it would be possible if your tables were filled with super-nits, but that's extremely rare)

      don't be discouraged, you've probably been running bad too. variance is a b*tch
      often it goes like this and it is just pure awesome - and then sometimes it goes like this
    • TerrorBlade
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      Post hands in the forum or upload a video! There's 0 value to telling you to change certain stats.
    • overson
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      I would like to post a video but I don't know how; I will do it after my final exams.

      My play is definantly subpar because I started at fixed limit 1/2 because i deposited a bunch of money but didn't read all the articles just some of the important ones.

      Today I tried NL25 Rush SH and what I learned from FL seems to really apply because when I start to reduce mistakes I went up 7 stacks.
      Never lost more than half a stack and stacked many guys.

      So it seems NL25 Rush SH has way less variance, is this true?
    • SalamiandCheese
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      Camtasia is the best for making a poker vid and there's free versions out there if you look. CamStudio is free and opensource. If I had a faster computer I'd prefer CamStudio since there is not a long wait time to process the video but with a slower comp, Camtasia is better imo.

      For the rush NL you are better off checking out the NL sections. It sounds like you had a way above avg. run honestly.