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Inablitiy to win hands.

    • Menschdefekt
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 27
      This has gotten to the point of being such a low that I dont think it can get much lower.

      Over the past three months I have been unable to win hands. Well.. I cant win anymore than 3 or 4 a game. Now before you think this is unbelievable bear with me.

      I have been writing down hands played just tonight. These are my busted in so long thanks for all the fish.

      67(me) vs 89(n for noob). Flop 345. N bets 560 into a 150 pot. I go all in. Turn and river 67.

      44(me) vs ak. flop 4a4. I bet, all in call. turn and river aces.

      KK vs 74suited raised preflop 5x bb (sss style raise) Flop king 5 2 (one diamond). noob shoves I call. Running flush.

      55 vs 25 (3.5x raise by me) flop 569. all in by me ( vs loose agressive who has floded to all in shoves before) and called. running striaght with 34.

      This has taken me down very low in my bank roll, this is the smae sort of thing consistanly happening. I am yet to win a showdown with any pockets above jacks and have rarely had my striaghts hold up ( my first straight flush was conterfit too..) AK has lost every time to AQ.

      Now dont get me wrong here. There are many times I have picked the players hand and played accordingly and have had them suck out.
      I have also folded those kings putting players on aces or flopping an ace or folding trips putting a player on a flush or straight.
      I simply cant work out what is going wrong, if Im playing the hand wrong or if its just luck against me.
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