I have never really used graphs, etc, etc as i've never been apart of a poker community until now.

I bought in with 25$ got up to 140, down to 10, up to 120, down to 30, up to 140 again.. I finally got tilted and lost my game and went into a game too high for my bankroll.. and lost when I flopped an A high flush, got it all in, and the board paird and he made the full house. I lost about 1/3 of my bankroll their.

Not 10 hands later, I had 10c Qc in the BB, called a min raise from the SB

J[s] A[c] K[c] came up.. my dream flop, flopped the nut straight, and had a nut flush draw..

I managed to get it all in on that flop.. and the turn brought a 4, and the river brought another 4..

he had pocket kings, and yet again my nuts on the flop were beat by a full boat..

I think my 10+1$ 27 person SnG's are pretty good, i've won about 5-6 of them in not that many tries.. and have also came 2nd - 3rd numerous times.