I don't get steal re-raise..

    • Nazzor
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      I mean, what if the UTG+2 raises, and I'm MP1..
      UTG+3 didn't raise, so according to the strategy I should go all-in since no one between us has raised and that one spot makes this situation perfect for going all-in? Doesn't matter that after me there is 6 more players who have to act?

      And I should easily go all-in with following cards?
      Aces AK, AQ
      Pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ

      I mean, from my understanding steal re-raise is basically for countering steal raising, but why the heck would I assume he is trying to steal from early position??

      Don't get it... :baby:
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    • cryoburn
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      He's most likely not stealing. Stealing positions are from the hijack to the SB. But ofc if you're deep in an MTT for instance and you raise AT from an EP your main intention is to steal the blinds since they're worth it, and not to play with a dominated hand OOP.

      And yes, sometimes, depending on stacksizes and players (and even table image), you should go all-in with JJ+, AK.

      Doing so is not for "restealing" but for value instead.

      Restealing is made vs LP PFR which is most likely within a wide range and would have to fold most of the time to a 3Bet. Ofc you would have to have an idea of the opponent PFR on LP and some idea of his Fold vs 3B%/4B%. Restealing is based on fold equity and also on position.

      EDIT: hope I didn't say anything wrong, if so please someone correct me and enlighten the OP.
    • gedwashere91
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      This is a steal re-raise i grabbed from my hand histories... You perform it against a raiser who is just trying to steal the blinds, i.e. CO, BU, SB.

      Edit: Notice I have exactly 13 BB, which means I'm technically not in mid-phase of the tournament... However i would be happy to do this move with any stack size, given the BU's stack.

      Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, 2.25 Tournament, 60/120 Blinds (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

      Button (t2205)
      SB (t1075)
      Hero (BB) (t1560)
      UTG (t2255)
      MP (t3845)
      CO (t2560)

      Hero's M: 8.67

      Preflop: Hero is BB with A, J
      3 folds, Button bets t240, 1 fold, Hero raises to t1560 (All-In), 1 fold

      Total pot: t540
    • Unam
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      Hi Nazzor,

      your problem is, the phrase "resteal" imho, cause no matter who raises, when you shove AA against him you will have the best hand preflop, so I think we agree, that there are some hands good enough to push against any raising range. The problem with the chart you quote is now, that PS.com guessed what these hands are, this guess was without reads and treats fish and solid players the same way. But these charts are tips for you how to play, so if you know, that UTG is a tight player, then you are not forced to push the range from above, but you may just push AK and JJ+ or even QQ+ is possible.

    • muel294
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      What buy in for SNG's would you recommend implementing the resteal?

      I ask this because I think $1.20 SNG's are probably beatable without doing this for the following reasons:

      1) A lot of opponents just don't fold often enough (because they are calling stations) when we are restealing
      2) Value betting our strong hands hard and getting weaker hands to stack off works so good anyway.
      3) Some opponents aren't adjusting for position and therefore are not stealing

      here is a quick example:

      was multitabling so only noticed that the villain had button raised my blinds a couple of times recently when the action was fold around to him:

      BU: ~t2000 (Ad5s)
      SB: ~t2500
      Hero: ~t1800 + t150 posted (KcQc)
      BU rasies to t450, SB folds, Hero Rasies All-in t1950

      Villain tanks and calls and Ace High holds to win the pot.

      Now I am not results orientated but it seems our opponents call too much. Also, I find it hard to find the right opponent to resteal against when multitabling because of the level of action, but I might just try reduce the number of tables I play at once.


    • Unam
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      It is not a question of at which buyin I would start restealing, but against whom or with which hands.

      In your example KQ is a good resteal if he is calling you tight, if he calls you loose I would push 77 for value.
    • Chenghao
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      The basic concept of steal is to open up your range from LP ? Like EP plays only QQ + , AK , late position you open up to 22+ , AJo+ , A9s+ , broadway suited , suited connecters/ gappers.

      since the stealer's LP range is wider , it usually can't stand the heat of a shove.
      This i think is especially true for serial LP stealers.
      If you notice this , do take a note of a regular's serial LP stealer's habits and profitably resteal from him when you are in the blinds and his in LP.

      Of course once he adjusts and starts to fold to you from LP , the next raise is likely to be for value so try to not resteal then.