[NL2-NL10] Nl10 Ak

    • pashone
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      BU ($7,30 in chips) DEALER
      BB ($8,49 in chips)
      Hero UTG1 ($11,69 in chips)

      Dealt to Hero [A :spade: K :heart:]
      Hero raises to $0,35

      BU calls $0,35

      BB calls $0,25

      *** FLOP *** 4 :diamond: K :diamond: 2 :heart:
      BB bets $0,55
      Hero raises to $2,75
      BU folds

      BB calls $2,20

      *** TURN *** 7 :diamond:
      BB is all in 5.39
      smuuud: folds

      I saw BB cc K3s SBvs MP donk bet 1/2 pot call on 10108r earlier but he checked it down on turn and river Qr and 4r
      also I saw him over lim call QQ in SB

      I'v got a feeling I made mistake folding,did I?
      pot was like 6.40 and he donked 5.40!?

      P.S. How can I convert hands from cake poker?
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Since I think there is a chance he does that with Kx on the flop and suddenly feels like protecting against the flush on the turn i'm also uncomfortable folding TPTK. He seems to do a lot of weird stuff too, maybe he just got in his head that he would try and represent the flush this time, who knows. I'd probably call getting more than 2:1 and be fine with the result either way.

      Hope it helps.