[NL2-NL10] was good fold???

    • Tirys1703
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      9 players, all fold

      I on Dealer with 3 :diamond: 3 :club: and bet 0,15
      SB: fold
      BB: call

      flop: J :spade: 3 :spade: 4 :spade: pot: 0,30

      He check
      I bet 0,20
      He call

      turn: 8 :heart: pot: 0,68

      He bet 0,60
      I call

      river: 10 :diamond: pot: 1,80

      He bet 1,00
      I fold ... was good fold??? I called on the river because I have draw three J , one 3 , three 4 and three 8.
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    • caltabiano
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      Use the pokerstrategy hand converter for posting =) It'll make your job and our job a lot easier ;-)
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      This hand depends a lot on stack sizes and stakes of course =D. I'll assume both of you had 100bb and that this is NL5.

      I'll raise his turn donkbet, because I expect there's still a lot of value to be had. You don't have to be afraid of him having a flush, as flushes are really rare AND there are many other hands in his range. He could have something like J8 or Jx with a :spade: or something like A8 with the A :spade: .
      Besides, even if he does have the flush, you still have decent equity with 10 outs!
      So I like raising to $1,80 and call a push. If he just calls you and checks on a blank river, I shove for value. =) He's not folding a J.

      As played, when you decide to call the turn, you have to at LEAST call the river. You can't assume he has a flush here everytime. Sometimes he will have a flush, sure, but most of the time he won't.

      You could even shove the river for value, as I don't expect him to fold a J.