Can't get PT3 to work! :(

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      Have just tried installing the PT3 trial for the last hour or so but just can't get it to work.

      I initially had HEM installed and used the trial from that, which all worked perfectly. I think HEM installed Postgres and set it all up for me.

      When I then came to install PT3 when I first tried to instal it asked for some password and following the first time install guide on the PT3 website it said I should just enter one and that would create a new server, but the only message I got was something like invalid password.

      I then pretty much uninstalled both HEM and Postgres, to just start from blank. I used the complete uninstal guide on the PT3 website to remove postgres and it all seemed to go fine.

      Now when trying to instal PostgreSQL I get to the same point where I am told to enter a password (which it says will be created if not already done) but when I do so it just say's

      'Invalid username specified: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password'

      My trial has started I think so any help would be very much appreciated!

      Thanks and sorry for long post, wanted it to be as specifc as possible! Thanks again!
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