rake back question

    • inkey
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      I play on full tilt

      Am I right that I get 27% rake back?

      As it gets paid to my through pokerstrategy.com so do they get 27% and I get less?

      Just wondering.

      Also how does it work.

      Is rake back from all the hands you won?

      From all the hands you saw to show down?

      From all the hands played at your table whether you folded pre flop or went to show down?

      And as I play on rush ... any ideas on how it's worked out on there, as I'm not always at the table when a hand finishes.

      Sorry for all the newbie questions.

      Thanks x
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi inkey,

      all PokerStrategy players receive a rackeback of 27% on their net rake.
      to calculate the netrake, Full Tilt substracts purchases in he shop (about 0.005$/point), cashout and deposit coasts that occur on FTP, overlay per player in tournaments in which FTP has to add up to reach the guaranteed prize pool and collected bonuses from your gross rake.
      To calcualte the netrake the gross rake is divided by the amount of players on a table that had a hand at the start of the round, even when it was folded pre-flop (e.g. in full ring by 9 players, in short-handed by 6 players).
      The rakeback is paid out once a week on Friday.

      Best regards,