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Could you play without using software?

    • PushMeUp
      Joined: 20.02.2010 Posts: 56
      For all the players who use online poker software such as Poker Tracker 3, Hold 'em Manager and others, do you think you could play online without them and if you tried what do you think would happen to your bankroll?
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    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      Less profit, easy as that. You could manually note down every hand of every opponent you're playing and calculate his VPiP/PFR/AF etc. by hand, which is a boring and time consuming routine job that doesn't teach you anything. You could hire a person to do that for you while you concentrate on the game. Or you could just buy a program which does that instantly with an easy to overview HUD. So why would you ever play without software?
    • Wurble
      Joined: 04.04.2009 Posts: 457
      I used a hud on stars for a bit and have now moved to cake where I can't use any software and at first it was a weird not having the stats but as nobody is allowed to use them it doesn't hurt the win rate.

      I think, if you're allowed to use stats at your poker room then you'd be silly not to because you are giving away a massive advantage to those who do use them.
    • SlowOne
      Joined: 22.11.2007 Posts: 39
      HUD is big money-making tool. Simple as that. SNG-wise, not havaing it, would probably mean substatially lower volume of active tables, lower ROI and on a long run you probably wouldn't stand a chance on higher levels against regulars who do use software. Thow I don't play ring games, I think these facts could also apply for cash games.

      All in all... Using HEM, PT3 = +Ev ;)
    • ZeMammuth
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 704
      Everytime I try use a hud when mass multi tabling it seems to have some sort of fault, tried pt3 and HM hud, both had some sort of issue, like players names where in wrong orders, so I never really used huds. However, maybe I should read about how to customize it. Obviously huds are an advantage because you are able to find out how tight or agressive a player is without keeping track of it yourself, hope I learn how to use it! When playing 20+ tables, you don't exactly have much times to right click the guys name and see their flop stats, so it's mostly useful preflop wise.
    • SlowOne
      Joined: 22.11.2007 Posts: 39
      Yep, I had the same HUD problems as you described on TitanPoker(its probably alike on other IPoker rooms), but it works fine on FullTilt. Hope you find the solution, till then... pure soul reading :P .
    • chuongdk
      Joined: 22.03.2009 Posts: 210
      it is -EV
      now I could not play without it
    • nathanrenard
      Joined: 09.02.2009 Posts: 822
      Right now i'm playing too much Rush Poker.

      Altough i still use the software to track down my winnings, and analise my own mistakes.
    • STR82ACE
      Joined: 01.10.2008 Posts: 389
      After plqying without a HUD for several years, now that I am using it, I wouldn't give it up, especially for mutitabling. Just using a HUD has got me from 4 tabling to 6 to 8 tabling alot more comfortably.
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Not much would change for me
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 31
      I only USE the tool for the graph to see my plus/minus when i play the stats i never follow. I just play my cards
    • ihufa
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 3,323
      without a HUD: yes (i rarely use one)

      without the pokersoftware: this is the real challenge
    • tokyoaces
      Joined: 01.04.2009 Posts: 1,883
      My hands-per-hour and money-per-hour would both go way down. Might as well play live.
    • fun101rockets
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 1,162
      i have played hundreds of thousands of hands without a HUD nor traker and have played about 100K hands with a tracker, no HUD. The trker does help but isnt neccessary.
    • Octhellior
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 108
      I play mostly headsup so... yea, np.