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      Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

      I will start by saying that i have had a love for poker for a long time. I started playing online about four years ago, but to this day I have nothing to show for it.

      I will explain... before i found internet poker, i played 5 card draw live games with friends and since i have been playing online, only recently am i starting to learn the importance of bankroll management and really trying to study the game from a "student" perspective. I had a very good roll in some MTTs last year and built my bankroll to approx. 1000$ in about a month but then i moved to pokerstars and started playing limit 1/2$ and it eventually vanished. I stopped playing for almost a year. No hard feelings, anyhow, now i found pokerstrategy and started from scratch.

      Im tryin the micro limits and had a real bad run the first few days with every other hand sucking out on me, tilting most of the time before finally making it back on a MTT 50c rebuy where i took a sweet 63$ odd and now im trying to work the ring games again....

      So anyway, my question is, what is an approximate time that i will be here at micro limits.... if i was to play 00.01/02c how much time should i expect it will take, what is an acceptable profit margin per day or hour playing at this level?
      I ask because sometimes i might sit at a table for 5 hours just to have made 2 dollars extra, would you consider this to be normal?
      let me have your thoughts and any advice to work up my game.
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