Bonus question for PKR

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      I been a memeber in PKR since they started, and now i saw that you guys have PKR also , so my question is can i use anykind of bonus code from PS? to earn SP points and so on there?

      Crossing my fingers!

      Best Regards,

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Pontus,

      I don't know much about PKR to be honest, haven't played there (yet), but it is unlikely I'm afraid.

      To have a tracked poker account or to use bonus codes etc, you usually have to apply the affiliate codes on your first visit to the platform. They are unlikely to retrack your existing account.

      It is however worth a quick email/chat to PKR's support team though. They will more than likely say no, but worth a try.

      Good luck buddy, let us know how you get on.