First big downswing + coaching?

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      I know i'm a basic member but please don't ignore my posts, it hurts my feelings. :f_frown:

      Today I had my first fairly big downswing of ten buy ins. Obviously this isn't major compared to the more experienced community but it wasn't nice. The main reason I posted this is because I need to improve my game massively. I think i'm a decent player, I usually know what to do is certain spots but there's a lot to learn, especially for me. At the moment I play $0.02/$0.05 6M at FT. I used to play 9M SNG's using disgusting BRM. I think I have a decent amount of knowledge for SNG's but yet again there is still a hell of a lot to learn. I'm looking for somebody who would be kind enough to take some time and help me out. I don't mind in which format aslong as it's in NLHE. It would be appreciated massively.


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